The Senator called McCain “a little crazy” for accusing you of working for Russia

Rand Paul Republican Senator Rand Paul made unflattering remarks about the mental status of his colleague and fellow party member John McCain. He stated this on Thursday, March 16, in an interview with MSNBC. Paul commented on the statement McCain in his address, claimed that he “works in [Russian President] Vladimir Putin.” “I think he gives very good reason to limit the term of office. Apparently, he is no longer in the Prime of life. I guess he may a little crazy,” said Paul about McCain. March 15, McCain did not like the behaviour of the Floor during the discussion of the request of Montenegro for membership in NATO, and he said that “the Senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.” Paul suggested the senators in the absence of objection, approve the application in a simplified manner, but McCain announced that he objects to, and then left the

Two people were killed in a road accident involving a minibus on the suburban track

On the Federal highway M-9 “Baltic” in the Moscow region the minibus crashed into a passenger car. As a result of collision two persons were killed and ten were injured, reports RIA Novosti “On 151-m kilometer of the Novorizhskoye highway collided minibus and a car Lada Priora. In the accident, two killed, 10 people were injured”, — quotes Agency the officer on duty. Police checks occurred. On March 16 three people were killed and 11 injured in Congress tourist bus “sang-Yong” in a ditch in the Leningrad region on the border with Finland. According to preliminary information, the car skidded on the ice. The bus drove the employees of sue “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”. They went on the tour in the Finnish city of Lappeenranta, told the TV channel “360” in a press-service of the enterprise.

The court dismissed the case on the illegality of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church

Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg dismissed the administrative claim to the city authorities on the transfer of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). On Thursday, March 16, reports TASS. The basis for this decision was that the Committee of property relations governing the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church has already been challenged in court, at the suit of a decision to a higher court. The lawsuit was filed on March 15, applicants it comprised 32 people. In late January, the Primorskiy district court refused to consider a similar claim. In March, the appeal against the refusal was dismissed by the St. Petersburg city court, which upheld the decision of the court of first instance. To participate in the examination were representatives of the Museum “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”, Russian Orthodox Church, Ministry of culture, the municipal Committee for culture and St. Petersburg Governor Georgy

The lawyer Dobrovinsky reported the arrest in Rome of businessman Mikhail Nekrich

The lawyer Dobrovinsky reported the arrest in Rome of businessman Mikhail Nekrich MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky reported the arrest in Rome of businessman Mikhail Nekrich, accused Russia on case about murder of the founder of a network of shops “Party” Alexander Mineeva. “According to my information, today in Rome, was arrested Mikhail Nekrich, who was wanted in the murder of Mr Mineev. This is just a sensational case. Misha, a citizen of Switzerland, USA, Israel and Russia were convinced that “the problem” is removed and it is not threatened,” — said TASS Dobrovinsky. TASS has not been confirmation of Russian law enforcement agencies. Alexander Mineev was assassinated January 2014 in the suburban Queen. According to investigators, the murder was organized for the capture of former retail space of shops “Party” worth about $1 billion. In the case were arrested in absentia and declared wanted the alleged organizers

Against the activist of the Stavropol youth Yabloko initiated a criminal case

Against the activist of the Stavropol youth Yabloko initiated a criminal case As said by the lawyer of the activist of Stavropol youth Yabloko Vitaly Zubenko, in respect of his client Cyril Bobrov initiated a criminal case under article “storage of drugs in large size” (part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code). “At the moment the issue of the arrest of Mr. Beaver for two days. Then, obviously, will be to request a remand in custody. Cyril is now testifying as a suspect. Of course, he did not plead guilty. Tells about the political motivation behind the case, about how his intimidation of the CPE for a long time, of violations when conducting a search,” wrote Vitaly Zubenko on his page in Facebook. A search of the apartment, where Kirill Bobro, passed on Thursday morning. It was conducted by the Centre for combating extremism, who found a substance

Greek police called the organizers of the explosion in the office of the IMF

Greek police called the organizers of the explosion in the office of the IMF Moscow. March 16. INTERFAX.RU Greek anarchists might be behind the blast that occurred Thursday in the Paris office of the International monetary Fund (IMF), according to local press, citing law enforcement authorities of Greece. It is reported that on the package with a homemade explosive device was glued of Greek postage stamps. In addition, according to the interior Minister of Greece Nikos Toskas, the parcel was listed with a Greek address. “The French authorities have informed us that the parcel was sent from Greece,” he said. Earlier on Thursday, the headquarters of the IMF, one person was slightly injured after he had opened the dispatch. According to the prefect of the Metropolitan police, the package was the petard, which, supposedly, was intended for the head of the European office of the IMF. However, the package opened,