In Japan for the first time held exercises in case of a missile attack of the DPRK

In Japan on Friday, March 17, for the first time in the history of the country trainings of civil defense in the event of a missile attack from North Korea, reports TASS with reference to the official report of the administration of the Akita Prefecture. The purpose of the event is to practice the evacuation of the population in conditions of critical time constraints. According to the scenario, Japan’s armed forces signalled the start of ballistic missiles, conventional enemy in the direction of Cape OGA in Akita Prefecture, located in the North of the main island of the country of Honshu. Information about this was passed by an emergency government communications, and prefectural authorities quickly evacuated people from the area, which is more than other could be in danger. Reports about the evacuation during the exercise was transmitted via loudspeakers and were sent to the smartphones of residents. Participated in

Suspect in bribery former Chelyabinsk Governor has been in Israel

Mikhail Yurevich Former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, in respect of which criminal case about receiving a bribe, is in Israel. This was reported by his press Secretary Julia Bobyleva Thursday, March 16, reports “Interfax”. “He’s in Israel on treatment until June. About the criminal case found out from the media. For him it was unexpected,” said a spokeswoman Yurevich, adding that he is not yet ready to comment on the situation. The fact that the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a case against Yurevich, has been announced earlier Thursday. According to investigators, in 2012, he received a reward from Vitaly Teslenko, who was appointed to the post of Minister of health of Chelyabinsk region. Mikhail Yurevich led the Chelyabinsk region in 2010-2014. The decree about its resignation with the formulation “at own will” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed in January 2014. After the dismissal Yurevich got

The Ministry of health refused the proposal to ban sale of loose tobacco

The authors of the anti-Smoking concept of the Ministry of health has denied the information about the inclusion of a proposal to ban the free sale of tobacco and 2035. It is reported TASS with reference to head of the Department of public health and communications Department Oleg Salaga. He acknowledged that some professionals really wanted to set a specific date for the ban of free sale of tobacco (in particular, 2035). “However, this offer is currently not widely expert support and therefore not included by the Ministry in the actual text of the draft concept,” said Salagay. He stressed that the formation of a generation free from cigarettes, is one of the main objectives of anti-Smoking policy throughout the world. Previously TASS with reference to available document reported the target orientation of the concept. According to him, among them — “recognition of tobacco goods, free sale of which is

The media found out the name of another likely successor Churkin

Vassily Nebenzia Permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations (UN) may become the Deputy head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, Vasily sebenza. As writes on Friday, March 17, “Kommersant”, citing four sources at the Russian state structures, now seen as the main candidate on this post. Interlocutors of the edition explained that the important role in this matter was the fact that before he came in June 2013 to his current position, nebesa held high posts in the Russian missions to the UN in new York and Geneva. In the foreign Ministry he started in 1983. March 16, the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Kommersant that the question of appointment of permanent representative to the UN “while no decisions have been taken”. March 14, RIA Novosti, citing a number of sources in the state Duma, said that the main candidate to succeed Churkin is the permanent representative of

Italian drug dealer sybarite gave myself a photo in Facebook

Italian drug dealer sybarite gave myself a photo in Facebook Italian drug dealer, fugitive, gave the pictures that he published on his page in Facebook. On Thursday, March 17, writes La Stampa, citing state police of Italy. In may 2016 member of the underworld of Sardinia Ivan Fornari (Fornari Ivan) declared wanted on charges of drug trafficking, the buying and possession of stolen property and resisting officer. He was once the pizzaiola on pizza, but later joined the drug gangs. In Italy he faced 5 years 7 months imprisonment. In order to avoid punishment, he went to Mexico, where, judging by the pictures, a good time: swimming in the sea, worked in the gym, went to restaurants and bars, sightseeing, watching football matches. The best, in his opinion, moments of his life Fornari recorded on photo and video, which was posted on his page in the social network. It is

Cyclists drew on the map of the goat

Cyclists drew on the map of the goat A group of bike enthusiasts in Australia drove for eight hours 202 kilometres along local roads to their total route on the computer map get the image of a goat. The achievement was performed by four athletes from the Amateur Cycling club Fight Club March 12 in the vicinity of the city of Perth. The route was recorded using Strava app for smart phones that allows runners and cyclists to track their progress and share information, according to In recent years, became popular the art of creating with this app on the maps of the different images which are formed by the passed routes. Cyclists use @Strava GPS app to create the giant artwork goat in Perth #Stravaart — euronews (@euronews) March 15, 2017

Adult penguins are seen for the desire to be fed by parents

Adult penguins are seen for the desire to be fed by parents People are not alone in the desire to support their already grown children who have left parental nest: scientists have discovered this behavior among Galapagos penguins. A group of ornithologists from the University of Washington led by Professor of biology Di Borsoi from 2006 to 2015 led monitoring Galapagos penguins and found that the Chicks fledged adults sometimes return to their parents and beg food, and they continue to feed the growing offspring, provided large quantities of food. “We have collected enough evidence showing that the parents care about already fledged Chicks is the norm, although not common,” said Boorsma, reports Science Daily. Scientists know that many birds continue to feed their offspring after the tail, at least for a limited period of time, however, among the 18 species of penguins such behavior previously was observed only in

My father taught my twin daughters to scare the hotel guests

My father taught my twin daughters to scare the hotel guests Meet poppy and Isabella, four-year-old twins from England that at such a young age has achieved a high skill in drawings. Taught them this, of course, their dad, Martin Hughes. The idea is to scare people with their own children was born to him before his daughter. “Once we found out that we have identical twins girls, I thought if we’re going to travel, then you need to dress them in matching dresses and learn to stand in the corridor of the hotels holding hands” quotes the witty father’s BuzzFeed. Of course, he meant the reproduction of the famous scene from the Thriller “the Shining” — there in an abandoned hotel two girls-the Ghost is standing in a deserted corridor. And as soon as the daughters were of an age, Martin at the first opportunity to put his idea

The return of the Crimea brought only benefit, according to the Russians

Photo: RIA NOVOSTI/Vasiliy Batanov Three years after joining the Crimea to Russia General euphoria from the historic reunification passed in conscious belief: enacted in 2014, the decision was correct. The Russians used to take the Peninsula as part of our country, but in 2017 the number of those who agree with this statement, reached a record high. This is evidenced by the poll (at the disposal of “Izvestia”), which was conducted by VTsIOM on the eve of the third anniversary of the return of the Crimea to the Russian Federation. Crimea — is Russia. Agree with this statement 97% of the citizens of our country. Refuse to take the Peninsula as part of Russia, only 2% respondents 1% respondents were undecided on this question. That the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, has brought only benefit the country, sure 78% of the respondents. It should be noted that their number

Zakharov was accused of bias by the UN high Commissioner for statements on Syria

Maria Zakharova Photo: RIA Novosti The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the statement of the UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein on the situation in Syria, delivered on 14 March in Geneva, are biased. This was reported on the website of the Department. “The speech of Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein on the 34th session of the UN Council on human rights – is not the first example of his public statements and assessments, unacceptable for a UN official and contrary to the obligations and requirements of professional ethics of the employee of the UN Secretariat, which are defined in the Charter of the organization”, – said Zakharov. According to Zakharova, al-Hussein, trying to accuse Damascus of fomenting war Damascus, in fact, engaged in rewriting history in favor of opportunistic motives, which is typical for many Western countries. “The question arises whether such actions