The health Ministry has proposed to prohibit the sale of tobacco by 2035

The Ministry of healthcare has proposed to 2035 to remove tobacco from sale. This is stated in the amended anti-Smoking concept, reviewed TASS.

One of the goals of the concept is to achieve “recognition of tobacco goods, free sale of which is prohibited”. Also, the Ministry hopes to reduce the prevalence of tobacco consumption to 1 percent of the population in the specified period.

Meanwhile, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of health on preventive medicine Sergey Boytsov in comments to RIA Novosti denies that we are talking about banning the free sale of tobacco. “There is a question of fact, meaning that the citizens who will be born in 2015, to 2030, as a 15-year-old, in fact, will not have the need to buy cigarettes,” — explained Fighters.

“The concept of state policy on combating tobacco consumption for the years 2017-2022 and beyond” provides a ban on Smoking hookahs in cafes and restaurants, and a possible increase in the duration of the working day smoker, reports TASS.

At the beginning of year it became known about the initiative of the Ministry of health to ban the sale of tobacco to people born in 2015 and later, even after they reach 18 years of age — that is, by 2033.

Later, in March, the Agency had to abandon this idea. Controversial provisions remained, but only in a declarative form: “provision of conditions under which access to tobacco products for a new generation (citizens born after 2015) throughout their life will be impossible.”