The surgeon said about the eternal connection of the Crimea with two Vladimirs

Alexander Zaldostanov

The Peninsula of Crimea will be forever linked with the names of the Baptist of Ancient Russia Vladimir, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the head of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon). He stated this in an interview with NSN.

In his opinion, the accession of the Peninsula to Russia materialized thoughts of thousands of people, and the country became the cradle of Orthodoxy. “Forever this time will be connected with the name Vladimir. One baptized Rus, the other saved her from humiliation and mercy,” — said the biker.

Held in the spring of 2014 referendum, the Crimea and Sevastopol became part of Russia. On Thursday 16 March 2017, the country marked the third anniversary of this event. In one of the largest cities of the Crimea in Simferopol in a festive procession on this occasion was attended by over five thousand people.

Prince Vladimir was baptized in 988 in Korsun (present territory of Simferopol) from the local Bishop, and then married the sister of Byzantine Emperor Basil II to Anna. After that the Patriarch of Constantinople Nicholas II Chrisopher sent to Kievan Rus the Orthodox clergy, who baptized people in the waters of the Dnieper. The Prince himself, according to the chronicle, actively participated in this process.