The U.S. Congress has approved a NASA mission to Mars and Europe

The U.S. Congress has approved a NASA mission to Mars and Europe

The U.S. Congress passed the law establishing NASA policy for the next five years, as well as the Agency’s budget for the 2017 fiscal year, which begins in April.

The document is expected to be signed by the President, Donald trump. It is reported by Space News.

The house of representatives endorsed the bill on March 7 and the Senate on February 17. NASA’s budget for the 2017 fiscal year is 19.5 billion dollars.

The five-year plan provides for the continuation of works on preparation of the mission to Mars (assuming the landing of the astronauts on the planet), which is scheduled for the 2030s year

Project ARM (Asteroid Redirect Mission) to transport the fragment of the asteroid into orbit around the moon offered to turn.

Congressmen also offer as soon as possible to get rid of dependence on the services of Russia for delivery of astronauts to the International space station. In the case of delays in the launch of manned spacecraft Dragon V2 Cockpit and plan to use the more expensive lunar-Martian spaceship Orion.

In addition, Congress has officially initiated the work of the mission to Europe — satellite of Jupiter, under-ice ocean which life could exist. In the current version of the program includes several flights over the moon automatic station and descent to the surface of a celestial body probe.

The bill, with a 146-page text of which was read Space News, very little information about the future projects of NASA studies of the Sun and Earth. It related units space Agency studying the issue of global warming.