The expert explained why Ukraine is the best friendship of Putin and trump


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The day before international women’s day began a tour of the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin in the United States. First in Washington he met with Secretary Rex Tillerson, and later went to the Senate, where he sought support from the American establishment. Following the meeting, the Ukrainian Minister believes, said that the United States will continue to support Kiev, and about concessions to Moscow from Washington could not be considered.

“MK” asked the experts, what fruit will Klimkin’s visit to the United States, and whether this could affect the U.S. position on Ukraine.

The Minister of foreign Affairs “square” Pavlo Klimkin at the meeting with reporters, held after the dialogue with U.S. Secretary of state, did not hide his joy. According to him, Rex Tillerson expressed support for Ukraine and assured that Donald trump will not keep a Pro-Russian policy.

“It was a very powerful message of support to Ukraine that any concessions to Russia is impossible”, — spoke to the press Klimkin.

According to the Minister, the States and had previously expressed support for Kiev, including the trump, who supposedly stood on the side of Ukraine during the February telephone conversation with Petro Poroshenko. Klimkin said that the U.S. will lift anti-Russian sanctions only under conditions of full implementation of the Minsk agreements and the return of Donbass and Crimea in the “square”. No other details of the dialogue, the foreign Minister did not provide.

It is noteworthy that Russia is not a direct participant of the Minsk-2, so the fate of anti-Russian sanctions, however paradoxical this may sound, in the hands of Kiev. After all, Ukraine does not accept the amendments to the Constitution on the Autonomous status of Donbass and all the forces ensuring that the DNI and the LC never became part of the “square”.

Inspired by a conversation with Secretary of state Klimkin went to the U.S. Senate, where he spoke about the desire of Kiev to revise the Budapest Memorandum, under which Ukraine lost nuclear weapons in exchange for territorial integrity. The Minister asked for support from senators in the revision of the Memorandum parties (Ukraine, Russia, UK and USA) who signed the document in 1994. Not without requests for continued military support “independence” that the U.S. Senate plans to cut nearly in half. Klimkin said that defensive weapons, ammunition, technical support, supply USA is helping Ukraine to fight against “Russian aggression”. The Minister noted that the battalion, trained by American instructors was one of the most effective in the recent battles in Avdeevka. In addition, Pavlo Klimkin back on the record about the need to maintain anti-Russian sanctions and even demanded their bonuses.

What benefits can bring to “tour” the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry on American top with an outstretched hand, “MK” asked the scientists.

Denis Denisov, the Russian scientist: “first we need to wait for the official statement of the US state Department. We know how the Ukrainian side often likes to exaggerate, and sometimes talk about nonexistent things. Based on the rhetoric that we heard from the representatives of the United States in the last month, personally I will not be surprise if the principle announced by Ukraine abstract can be in a slightly softened form, will appear in the message from the state Department. In fact, it may mean that the US will carry out successive course on the conflict of Ukraine and Russia, as the previous administration of Barack Obama. Unfortunately, all the statements by the U.S. President Donald trump that he would like to establish a constructive relationship between our countries are not yet implemented. We are well aware that if such rhetoric against Russia continue, it’s unlikely that she can have a plus on the initiative of trump”

Mikhail Pogrebinsky, a Ukrainian political analyst: “Trump to be reckoned with the atmosphere that prevails in the American establishment. He thought he can ignore their opinion that the people behind it, but it was not so. He will have to fit under the General mood of the American elites. However, this does not mean that he will abandon the idea to get along with Putin. His people are now forced to reassure the establishment that no collusion behind the backs of the senators of the U.S. Congress and the European Union will not. I still think all conversations with Ukrainian politicians and a possible meeting with Petro Poroshenko does not change anything. These activities are necessary for the formation of foreign policy positions of the new administration of President of the United States that it could not be accused of making decisions on Ukraine without the Kiev. At the moment, the main task of the Kremlin and the White House is to show positive results for the United States in friendship with Russia. Ukraine’s leaders think that if trump and Putin will get along, it will be very bad for the country. However, it is not, it will be bad only Poroshenko and the gang that now runs the country. I believe that if the US and Russia find common language, will be found a mechanism to end the war and preserve the territorial integrity of the country. Otherwise, the country is in its current composition will never exist — the Donbas will never return to Ukraine”