The newspaper reported about the trump choice of candidate for the post of U.S. Ambassador to Russia

John Huntsman

The US President Donald trump has offered to become Ambassador to Russia, former Governor of Utah John Huntsman. About it reports on Wednesday, March 8, the Politico.

A proposal to the Huntsman, according to the newspaper, was sent early in the week, he should send the White house the documents confirming readiness to take the post of Ambassador. After that will be officially announced the nomination of Huntsman, which must be approved by the Senate.

The former Governor has not yet commented on this information, however, Politico claims that he is ready to accept the offer trump.

That huntsman is seen as a candidate for the post of U.S. Ambassador to Russia, March 1, CNN reported.

John huntsman, who in March will be 57 years of age, in 1992-1993, he held the post of U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, 2005-2009, was Governor of Utah, 2009-2011 — United States Ambassador to China. In 2011 announced its intention to participate in presidential elections as a candidate from the Republican party, but later supported MITT Romney.

During the election campaign in 2012, huntsman, according to TASS, widely criticized policy of “reset” in relations between Russia and the United States, which held the administration of President Barack Obama. According to him, Washington pretended that Moscow is as much of a partner than it is actually, downplayed the threat from the Russian Federation.

During the election campaign of 2016, huntsman criticized Donald trump, but in the end supported his candidacy.

Currently, the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow is John Tefft, he has held this post since 2014.

At the end of December 2016, it was reported that it can change Congressman Dana Rohrabacher or diplomat Thomas Graham — Advisor to former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger.