The Syrian army with the support of Navalny was freed Palmyra from IG

The Syrian army with the support of Navalny was freed Palmyra from IG Moscow. March 2. INTERFAX.RU — Syrian Armed forces with the support of the Russian space forces have completed the operation to capture Palmyra, reported Thursday the Russian President Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This was reported by press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. The first time the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) took control of Palmyra, which is a monument a UNESCO world heritage site, in mid-may 2015. They have caused large-scale destruction of ancient temples, monuments and tombs. On 13 February, defense Ministry released video evidence of the destruction by the militants of the monuments of Palmyra. The footage made by the Russian drone, clearly shows that the terrorists blew up procenium — Central part of the ancient Roman theatre and the columns of tetrapylon — rectangular

Timakova: Medvedev Navalny publication of pre — election attack

Timakova: Medvedev Navalny publication of pre — election attack MOSCOW, March 2. /TASS/. Press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalya Timakova called propaganda and pre-election attacks Internet publishing opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “Bulk material has a pronounced pre-election character, as he himself says at the end of the video. To comment on the propaganda attacks of the opposition and the convict character, who said that he already has some campaign and fighting with the authorities is pointless,” — said Timakova TASS.

Zakharov advised CNN stop spreading false news

Maria Zakharova © Artyom Korotayev/TASS MOSCOW, March 2. /TASS/.The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova advised CNN to stop spreading false news related to the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. “Mr. Kislyak world-class diplomat, who was Deputy foreign Minister of Russia…CNN accuses him that he is Russian spy… Stop spreading lies and false news – that’s good advice for CNN”, she said in a broadcast interview with CNN, commenting on the publication of contacts of dubious with the Minister of justice and attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessom. Previously the TV station posted information about the fact that kislak is considered by U.S. intelligence “as a high-ranking Russian spy and recruiter”.

Brussels police intercepted a suspicious truck with gas cylinders

Police in the Belgian capital of Brussels, intercepted a suspicious truck carrying gas cylinders. It is reported by Thursday, March 2. According to law enforcement officers, the driver roughly violated traffic regulations, at great speed he ran a red light. Police managed to stop the car and detain the driver. The requirement patrol to open the body, a detainee refused. Police broke into the door compartment and found it with gas cylinders and petrol cans. The place was called the bomb squad and explosives, the block cordoned off by police. In connection with the incident closed the nearest subway station. According to RTBF, the detained driver came into the view of law enforcement due to his connections with radical Islamists. On 25 January in Brussels have detained a few suspected militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). The suspects, according to intelligence, could return

U.S. attorney General commented on the meeting with the Russian Ambassador

Jeff Sessions U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions said that he had not discussed with the Russian party campaign Donald trump, and has also recused himself in the investigation related to this issue. As reported by Reuters, sessions said Thursday, March 2, during a special press conference. “I want to state very clearly that I never had meetings with the Russians or brokers regarding the [election] campaign of trump,” he said, noting that he didn’t give the Russian side any data. According to and Roman sessions, at the meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, who passed on the initiative of the latter, the issues of terrorism and the conflict in Ukraine. However, he added he did not remember, did Kislyak on political topics. The attorney General also said that voluntarily refuses to participate in the investigation of the alleged Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States. “I take rejection

Trump expressed confidence suspected of having ties to Russian Prosecutor General

Donald Tramploline: U.S. attorney General commented on the meeting with the Russian Ambassador The US President Donald trump said that “fully” trusts attorney General Jeff Seshns that the American media was accused of contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. About it reports on Thursday, March 2, Reuters. Trump, speaking in Newport news, Virginia, expressed confidence that the sessions should not recuse myself in the investigation into the alleged relations of the command of the White house with Russia. At the same time, he noted that he was not aware of the contacts of the attorney General with the Russian Ambassador. On March 1, the Washington Post posted the material in which it was alleged that the sessions held two meetings with the Russian Ambassador several months before the US presidential elections, which took place in November 2016. In January, at the hearings in the Senate about his approval to the

Us Congressman believes fiction RF interference in the U.S. elections

Us Congressman Joe Wilson said that the accusations against Russia is that our country has interfered in elections in the United States absolute nonsense and fiction, writes RIA Novosti.   “I don’t see Russian intervention in elections. This is fiction,” said Wilson.   The accusations were first brought against Russia under President Barack Obama, however, no evidence has not been provided.   Moscow denies any involvement in the move of U.S. presidential elections, the Kremlin has repeatedly called such accusations baseless allegations. Photo: Pat Benic / Globallookpress

The US attorney General said that was discussed at the meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation

The American attorney General Jeff sessions said at a meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak discussed issues of combating terrorism and the Ukrainian conflict, RIA Novosti reported. He said he did not remember if he had any negotiations with any representatives of Russia, but he’s not exactly met with Russian representatives during the election campaign of Donald trump.   Sessions also said that either today or Saturday to explain to the Senate his words about the meetings with representatives of the Russian Federation. However, he said that at the moment withdraws from participation in any investigations regarding contacts campaign trump representatives of our country. Photo: Richard Ellis / Globallookpress

In Bashkiria in a terrible accident with a bus and a truck killed two people

2 March on the Federal highway M-5 in Bashkiria the bus with 17 passengers who went from Ufa to Maloyaz , crashed into a truck, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Two passengers of the bus died on the spot from injuries, six people were hospitalized with injuries. Currently, more than 11 persons went to the doctors themselves.   All the victims are in city hospital №17 and Iglinskiy Central hospital. According to preliminary data, the bus driver lost control on the icy road. Photo: EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Zakharova criticized the U.S. troops for anti-Russian actions

Maria Zakharova U.S. military personnel arrived in the Baltic States and Poland should honour the memory of the allies, and not to participate in a historic stock with a “clear anti-Russian orientation”. This is stated in the commentary official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova, posted on Thursday, March 2, on the Agency’s website. According to the diplomat, speech, in particular, “memorial race in memory of so-called “cursed soldiers” — members of the Polish anti-Communist underground who were shot in the back of the red army soldiers who liberated their country from fascism”. “From the same series — foot “campaign to the East” — to the Narva, ending demonstrative photographs of Estonian and U.S. military on the background of the Ivangorod fortress, located on our side of the border,” — said Zakharov. Such “questionable activities”, as noted by the representative of the foreign Ministry, “cast a shadow on