The European Council agreed on the abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens

The European Council agreed on the abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens BRUSSELS, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Council of the EU, where all member countries of the European Union on Thursday agreed to the abolition of the visa regime for citizens of Ukraine, now the decision must be voted on by the European Parliament (EP), spoken in the message of the EU Council. “The ambassadors to the EU on 2 March 2017 on behalf of the Council confirmed the informal agreement on liberalization of visa regime for Ukrainians, which the Maltese presidency and the EP was reached on February 28,” — said in the message.

An Egyptian court acquitted former President Hosni Mubarak

An Egyptian court acquitted former President Hosni Mubarak The highest appeals court in Egypt has acquitted former President Hosni Mubarak for the murder of demonstrators during the mass protests against his rule in 2011. The hearing lasted all day Thursday. In the end, the judge came to the conclusion that the former President, originally sentenced to life in prison, innocent of his alleged acts. The court also rejected the petition of the relatives of those killed during the demonstrations, asking to resume the proceedings in civil suits, which were submitted to Mubarak. Mubarak the last few years was in a military hospital due to poor health. However, in the current process, he was present in person — he was brought to court by helicopter. Mubarak in 2012 received a life sentence, as the court found him responsible for the shooting of peaceful demonstrators by the military in 2011. However, the

Arrangements for the meeting between Putin and trump has not yet been reached

Dmitry Peskov © Sergei Savostyanov/TASS MOSCOW, March 2. /TASS/. Investigations in the United States, do not contribute to reaching agreement on meeting between the Russian and American leaders, but only aggravate the atmosphere. This opinion was expressed to journalists the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “This emotional atmosphere, I guess, leads to what is injected generally some resistance to the idea of building at least some dialogue with the Russian Federation. Yes, here the negative effect is probably there,” – said Peskov. According to the representative of the Kremlin, “while there are no indications as to when the meeting could take place”. “Any agreement accurate has not yet been achieved”, he said.

The media learned about the searches in the house of Fillon

Francois Fillon The searches took place on the morning of Thursday, March 2, in the house of the candidate in presidents of France, former Prime Minister françois Fillon and his wife, located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. It is reported by Le Parisien, citing its sources. Investigations, according to the publication, led staff Central office for the fight against corruption, financial and tax crimes. Surrounded by the Fillon confirmed the fact of searches, noting that they had run out and refused to comment further. March 1, Fillon declared intention to continue the struggle for the presidency, despite the investigation into the fraudulent employment of his wife. At the same time he confirmed that he had received the agenda on March 15 at the court, where he can be charged. The case against the politician and his wife Penelope were opened financial news on February 24. The investigation concerns embezzlement

The new head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the USA came to work dressed as a cowboy riding on a horse

The new Minister of internal Affairs of the United States Ryan Zinke arrived on the first day to work in a cowboy outfit riding a horse. Related pictures he posted on Twitter. “I am honored to stand with the brave officers of the national Park Service. These professionals are ready to give us your life… be Grateful to the warm reception at the interior Ministry this morning,” the Minister commented pictures. — Secretary Ryan Zinke (@SecretaryZinke) 02 March 2017, 14:46 The picture of Zinke wearing a cowboy hat and jeans on horseback was also posted on the page, Bureau of environment Twitter. As noted by The Hill, his act Zinke tried to demonstrate commitment to the protection of nature, in particular national parks. The new head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the United States is known as a lover of hunting, fishing and tourism. During the hearings on

The newspaper reported the use of Mike Pence’s personal email for official purposes

Mike Pence Vice-President Mike Pence, occupying the post of Governor of the state of Indiana used for business purposes personal e-mail, which in the summer yla hacked. This was reported by the Indianapolis Star newspaper. According to the publication, the Pens discussed with his advisers with the help of personal mail a wide range of topics, including security issues. In a letter to chief adviser Pence for security gave him the information the FBI regarding the arrest of several terrorism suspects. In the summer of 2016 Inbox Pence has been hijacked, Radoslava on his behalf a false message that he was robbed during tours to the Philippines and took the money, credit cards and cell phone. The Pens were later forced to apologize to the recipients of the mailing and got himself another account. The publication notes that Indiana laws do not prohibit the officials to use for official purposes

The Russians are against a woman as President

The majority of Russians opposed a woman President in our country, according to “Izvestia”, citing a survey conducted “Levada-center”.   It is noted that 54 percent of respondents were against a woman as President in the next 10-15 years, with about 33 percent think it’s possible. Moreover, among men aged 18 to 24 voted against more than 70 percent, and among women 59 percent.   People older than 40 years are more loyal, 42 percent of respondents of this age stated that it is not against “women’s leadership”. Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK Star

Ghost got on a selfie to the little girl

13-year-old girl Haley, Ogletree from the USA took a selfie. Which hit Ghost, and posted to your Facebook. Her mother, when she learned the better I was horrified from gone.   “I swear that behind us was empty. Moreover, even on the side all the way fishing was not a single person,” wrote the girl.   However, the American looked at it from a different angle, it also noted that the “Ghost” is most likely in a good mood, so his appearance could be a good sign. Photo: Jessica Ogletree / Facebook

Times: Britain “went too far” with the Crimea

Analyst of the British newspaper the Times, the Deputy Director of the Royal United services Institute for defence studies Jonathan Eyal in the material for publication was told that the diplomats in his country have forgotten how to work with Russia and in the assessment of the Ukrainian events showed complete incompetence.   He believes that once the threat of the arms race in the past, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain has ceased to be interested in Russia and it is played with diplomats cruel joke.   “No less than a decade it was obvious that relations between Russia and the West that something is not right, but in this regard nothing was done,” he said.   According to Eyal, the foreign Ministry of his country “faced with the atrophy of knowledge, the loss of collective memory”, when staged attacks on Moscow over the Crimea.   “Few