Zakharova criticized the U.S. troops for anti-Russian actions

Maria Zakharova

U.S. military personnel arrived in the Baltic States and Poland should honour the memory of the allies, and not to participate in a historic stock with a “clear anti-Russian orientation”. This is stated in the commentary official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova, posted on Thursday, March 2, on the Agency’s website.

According to the diplomat, speech, in particular, “memorial race in memory of so-called “cursed soldiers” — members of the Polish anti-Communist underground who were shot in the back of the red army soldiers who liberated their country from fascism”.

“From the same series — foot “campaign to the East” — to the Narva, ending demonstrative photographs of Estonian and U.S. military on the background of the Ivangorod fortress, located on our side of the border,” — said Zakharov.

Such “questionable activities”, as noted by the representative of the foreign Ministry, “cast a shadow on the history of joint struggle of the USA and the Soviet Union against Nazism”. She encouraged American soldiers to respect the memory of their allies in the struggle against Nazism, “died for the salvation of Europe from the “brown plague””.

March 1 in Poland celebrated the national day of remembrance “soldiers outcasts” (another option — a national day of remembrance “of PRaboutklyatyh soldiers”), which is dedicated to the members of anti-Soviet and anti-Communist armed underground, operating in Poland in the late 1940s and 1950s. In this year’s race, on memorial Day, was attended by military personnel of the American contingent stationed in Poland.

In early February, soldiers of the U.S. troops stationed in Estonia, and photographed with weapons and the American flag on the background of the Russian Ivangorod, located near the Estonian border.