At the UN General Assembly honored the memory of Vitaly Churkin

At the UN General Assembly honored the memory of Vitaly Churkin UN, 21 Mar — RIA Novosti, Olga Denisova. The memory of Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin honored at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Commemorative meeting of representatives of States members of the world organization began with a minute of silence. The General Assembly on Tuesday held a special session in memory of died on 20 February, the permanent representative of Russia. At the meeting, the President of the UN Peter Thomson, the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, Deputy permanent representative of the United States (as the host country of the headquarters of the UN), Michelle Sisson, Chairman of the UN Security Council in March, British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, acting permanent representative of the Russian Federation Pyotr Ilyich, as well as representatives from five regional groups — African States, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern European States, zapadnoevropeiskii

In Malaysia “Russian knights” was first shown operated corkscrew

In Malaysia “Russian knights” was first shown operated corkscrew LANGKAWI (Malaysia), 21 Mar — RIA Novosti. Aerobatic team “Russian knights” on Tuesday completed the flying program at the arms exhibition in Malaysia Langkawi LIMA-2017, demonstrating the highest aerobatics, told RIA Novosti the leader of the group, Colonel Andrei Alexeev. The pilots group first performed abroad at the su-30SM. “We showed aerobatics using the super-maneuverability of the su-30CM. In particular, in the skies over Langkawi was first shown operated corkscrew, as well as passage at a low speed, “bell” Cobra Pugachev, flying on a collision course, the rotation at supercritical angles of attack,” — said Alekseev. According to him, Malaysia arrived five su-30CM from the “Russian knights”. Are the pilots on the four cars, one spare.

Ayatollah Khamenei called feminism and gender equality of the Zionist conspiracy

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Ideas of equality and feminism — Zionist conspiracy. This was stated by the Supreme leader (Rahbar) Ayatollah Khamenei, his word, reports The Independent. “Turning women into a commodity and an object for satisfaction, which occurs in the West, is likely one of the Jewish conspiracy for the destruction of society,” — said the Iranian leader. He added that Western thinkers advocated the equality of the sexes and feminism, already regret the disorder, which the public brought their ideas. Khamenei said that the ideal woman is Fatima, daughter of prophet Muhammad. The publication notes that, according to Iranian news agencies, the Supreme leader expressed hope that the Iranians, raising the question of equality, don’t base your views on Western misconceptions. In Iran there are strict rules regarding behavior of women: for example, on 19 January arrested a female bodybuilder, which published photos from the gym. July 29,

In the Netherlands declared the winner of parliamentary elections

Mark Rutte The Central election Committee of the Netherlands published the official figures of the elections to the Parliament held on 15 March. Won “people’s party for freedom and democracy” (WD), headed by the current Prime Minister mark Rutte, which got 33 seats out of 150. In second place is the “Party of freedom” (PW) led by Geert Wilders, which delegates to the legislature of 20 members. Followed by the party “Democrats 66” and “Christian democratic appeal”, which received 19 seats. Only the country’s Parliament passed the 13 parties and associations, which is the highest figure since 1972. In addition, it was recorded a high turnout on polling stations came more than 85 percent of the eligible voting population.

The interior Minister of France resigned from-for scandal with the employment of daughters

Bruno Le Roux The Minister of internal Affairs of France, Bruno Le Roux resigned from his post in connection with the scandal connected with illegal employment of his daughters. It is reported BFMTV. According to the channel, Le Roux took this decision after consultations with President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Bernard Kaznenom. New interior Minister appointed Matthias Fekl, who previously held the post of Minister of foreign trade, the development of tourism and for the Affairs of compatriots. On March 21, the financial prosecutors in France opened a preliminary investigation against the official. The case opened to verify the information published in the newspaper Quotidien (“day after Day”) that Le Roux was employed his daughters as helpers at a time when I was a member of the national Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) in the period from 2009 to 2016. At the time of signing the first employment

WWF identified five at risk of disappearing ancient forests of Russia

In Russia, due to cutting down trees, mining and agriculture may disappear five ancient forests. About it reports on Tuesday, March 21, according to the world wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia. We are talking about Dvinsko-Pinezhsky area of the Arkhangelsk region (about 900 thousand hectares), which has a unique variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. With almost all of its area leased leadoveni farms. WWF also mentions Samur forest in Dagestan (about 8 thousand hectares), inhabited by 65 species of animals listed in the Red book, and the Markotkh mountain range along the Black sea coast in the North-West of the North Caucasus. On the second preserved relict pistachio-juniper and juniper-oak trees (more than 100 thousand hectares). Among endangered Eastern arrays WWF calls belt forests in the Altai region (640 thousand hectares) and Arsen forest in the Khabarovsk territory. To keep the organization proposes to create a nature reserve with an

Medvedev has appointed a new head of Rosmolodezh

Alexander Bugaev The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has appointed the head of Rosmolodezh Alexander Bugaev. The corresponding decree was published on the website of the Cabinet on Tuesday, March 21. “To appoint Alexander V. Bugaev, head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs”, — the document says. According to “Kommersant”, until the appointment of Bugaev worked as the head of Department on work with regions of Siberia and the Far East management on internal policy of presidential administration. Prior to that, he was Deputy head of Rosmolodezh. From October 12, 2016 the Agency was headed by Alexey Palamarchuk. The Prime Minister appointed him acting head of Rosmolodezh after the former head of Department Sergey Pospelov went to work in the state Duma. The Federal Agency for youth Affairs is responsible for state youth policy, in particular measures to promote healthy lifestyles, moral and Patriotic education. The Agency is

Prosecutor’s check into the death of Evdokimova in jail 5 revealed violations

Prosecutor’s check into the death of Evdokimova in jail 5 revealed violations MOSCOW, 21 Mar — RAPSI. The Prosecutor’s office of the city of Moscow has revealed infringements of the Federal legislation in the Metropolitan detention center-5 on the audit conducted in connection with the discovery of the corpse of the Director of the state Corporation “Roscosmos” quality and reliability Vladimir Evdokimov in one of the chambers of the institution, said Tuesday the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. According to the Agency, officials of the SIZO-5 were not provided control over the behavior Evdokimova and others contained in the chamber, not taken necessary measures for the timely detection and seizure of prohibited storage and use of suspects, accused and convicts of the subject knife, which was caused by injuries. Evdokimov was found dead in the bathroom of the cells of the detention facility on March 18. His body was

The Russians will spare you from the threat of mosquitoes

The Russians will spare you from the threat of mosquitoes MOSCOW, 21 Mar — RIA Novosti. The CPS began the fight against mosquitoes inhabiting the area of the black sea coast to prevent the emergence of zika virus in Russia, told RIA Novosti the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. “Importations of zika virus recently were not recorded, but we have started activities to combat mosquitoes in the territory of the black sea coast”, — said Popov. According to her, the event will continue until the end of the season, that is until November. Earlier the head of Rospotrebnadzor explained that the vectors of zika virus can be mosquitoes of several species, while potentially dangerous insects are found only on the territory of Russia with a subtropical climate. In February, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor reported that the number of laboratory confirmed cases of zika virus imported in Russia reached 18.

Media found the historical prototype of captain Jack Sparrow

Media found the historical prototype of captain Jack Sparrow Turkish journalists said they found a historical prototype of the character of the Saga “pirates of the Caribbean” Jack Sparrow. That is, excuse me, captain Jack Sparrow. The newspaper Daily Sabah writes that the prototype of the hero johnny Depp was the English pirate Jack ward (sometimes the publication calls him James). Supposedly he had even nicknamed Sparrow. Little information on the Ward can be gleaned from the memoirs written by his fellow sailor, and numerous songs and ballads, the newspaper reports. According to these figures, James ward was born around 1553 in the port town of Faversham in Kent in the South East of England. Ward started out as a privateer — essentially a pirate, acting in the interests of the English crown. But one day he deserted the Royal service and turned into a pirate, without any but. By

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