Poroshenko returned to Ukraine amid treason case

The ex-president was greeted at the airport by his supporters. There are a large number of police officers and representatives of the National Guard on the territory of the airport. In the parking lot in front of the terminal building has a stage where the footage of Poroshenko's past speeches is broadcast, and a rally is also taking place.

A case of high treason was initiated against Poroshenko in Ukraine, on January 17, a meeting on the measure of restraint against the former president in this case is to be held in the Pechersky District Court of Kiev.

According to the information of the Country website , when passing through passport control, Poroshenko was approached by investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation and handed over the summons.

The day before, back in Warsaw, Poroshenko said that he would not be arrested upon his return to Ukraine, despite the criminal case. "Will detain me? I'm telling you no! Not because I'm so confident but I don see no reason for arrest», — he said.

Earlier, the ex-president said that 17 January he would fly to Kyiv, after which he would attend a meeting of the Pechersky District Court, where the petition for choosing a preventive measure for Poroshenko in  detention.

The criminal case against Poroshenko was initiated in December 2021. On December 17, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine tried to serve Poroshenko with a summons for an interrogation in a criminal case on illegal supplies of coal from the territory of the occupied» Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. The defendant in this same case is the head of the political council of the Ukrainian party “Opposition Platform”— For life» (OPLE) Viktor Medvedchuk, who is under house arrest.



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