The number of coronavirus cases in Russia increased by 12 per day%

Regions are leaders in the number of new cases:

  • Moscow – 5712 (2,075,669 since the beginning of the pandemic),
  • Saint Petersburg — 2708 (873,234),
  • Moscow Region – 1990 (657,855),
  • Nizhny Novgorod region — 743 (235 274),
  • Sverdlovsk region — 536 (204,438).

Per day in 739 patients died in Russia, which is one less than yesterday (740). The total number of deaths reached 319,911. 24,952 people recovered during the day, a total of 9,809,300.

The regions have begun preparations for the meeting of the omicron strain of coronavirus. As Kommersant found out, up to 2 thousand new cases of coronavirus are expected in the Volgograd region per day and up to 400 patients in intensive care at the same time. Saratov officials expect that the number of cases will be five to six times more than at the peak of the spread of the delta strain. In Buryatia, citizens arriving from abroad are sent to 14-day self-isolation and urge residents of the republic to anonymously report the violator to 112.



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