The Russian survived, wandering for several days on the tundra in a 40-degree frost

“The connection with him was lost. The search was complicated by the weather – a blizzard and extremely low temperatures up to -40,” Yamalspas said.

On January 9, a resident of Yamal was still found in the tundra. The man survived.

Nine members of the search and rescue team “Yamalspas” and 3 search engines of the non-profit public association of volunteers “LizaAlert” took part in the operation. No one needed medical help.

It is reported that during the New Year holidays, from December 31 to January 10, employees of Yamalaspas went in search of 19 times. They rescued 30 people, including four children.

“Compared to previous years, the number of exits to search and rescue activities has increased. During the New Year holidays in 2020, rescuers went out 14 times, last year – 10 times,” the website of the search and rescue squad says.

The operation to rescue a lost Northerner has so far become the longest and most difficult in 2022.



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