Tokyo and Washington signed an agreement on Japan's spending on the maintenance of US military bases

This document covers the period from & nbsp; 2022 to & nbsp; 2026. During & nbsp; this time, Japan's spending on the & nbsp; maintenance of US military bases will amount to 1.055 trillion yen ($ 9.29 billion at the & nbsp; current exchange rate).

The annual expenditures for these purposes will amount to about 211 billion yen ($ 1.85 billion). This is about 10 billion yen ($ 86.2 million) more than in the current fiscal year (expires March 31, 2022).

According to the signed agreement, 20 billion yen ($ 176 & nbsp; million) will be spent on qualitative improvement of the system ensuring joint military exercises between Japan and the & nbsp; United States, during which artificial intelligence technologies will be used to & nbsp; simulate enemy actions.

Another 164 billion yen ($ 1.4 billion) are provided for & nbsp; strengthening military bunkers and & nbsp; modernization hangars, the new design of which will allow aircraft to more quickly rise into the air.

It was decided to cut utility costs from & nbsp; 23.4 billion yen ($ 201 & nbsp; million) in & nbsp; 2022 to & nbsp; 13.3 billion yen ( $ 114 & nbsp; million) in & nbsp; 2026.

More than 50 thousand American military personnel, including marines, are stationed in & nbsp; Japan. Most of the US military facilities are concentrated on the & nbsp; island of Okinawa.



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