Day in History: January 8th

The beginning of the release of civil calendars in Of Russia

The first calendar articles appeared in Russia for a long time — they are in the first monuments of Russian writing. The earliest surviving such article dates back to 1073. However, it was only on January 8, 1709 (according to the old style – December 28, 1708) that the first civil calendar was published. It was called “The calendar, or the Christian Calendar according to the old style or calculus for the summer of 1709. Printed in the reigning city of Moscow, in the summer of 1708, December on the 28th day.” Later, secular calendars began to be published annually. In the early years , Peter I himself oversaw their release .

The first issue of the magazine “Around the world”

In 1861, on this day, the first issue of the magazine “Around the World” was published in St. Petersburg. It became not only one of the first magazines in Russia, but also one of the first educational publications around the world. From January 1918 to January 1927 and from July 1941 to December 1945, the magazine was not published, its release was also suspended in 2020.

The publisher, Maurice Osipovich Wolf, planned to create a magazine aimed at the widest audience, but at the same time not touching on political issues of Russian life. The first title of the publication was “Journal of Earth Science, Natural Sciences, the latest discoveries, inventions and observations”, it was dominated by articles on geographical topics.

Battle of Rzhev

January 8, 1942 is considered the date of the beginning of the Battle of Rzhev. Under this name, four offensive operations are conventionally combined, which were carried out by the Soviet troops of the Western and Kalinin fronts against the army group “Center” in the Rzhev-Sychevo-Vyazma direction. The battle ended with the retreat of the 9th Wehrmacht Army on March 5, 1943 from the Rzhev-Vyazma salient.

The Battle of Rzhev is one of the bloodiest in the history of the Great Patriotic War, but the exact number of soldiers killed on the Rzhev land is still unknown. Sources indicate different figures: from one to two million people.

Galina Ulanova’s birthday

111 years ago, the ballerina and teacher Galina Sergeevna Ulanova was born. She was a true legend of the Soviet scene, because she was able to raise the possibilities of dance art to an unprecedented level. In many cities, teachers of ballet studios forced their pupils to do steps like Ulanova. Galina Sergeevna is the only ballerina in the world who had monuments erected during her lifetime, and even in two cities at once – in St. Petersburg and in Stockholm. In addition, the largest rehearsal hall of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater is named after the famous ballet actress.



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