Day in History: January 3rd

The Duke of Burgundy sold Jeanne d’Ark to Bishop Cauchon

On May 23, 1430, as a result of the betrayal of Jeanne d’Ark was captured by the Burgundians. For almost a year, Bishop Pierre Cauchon of Beauvais, acting on behalf of the English king, tried to obtain the extradition of Jeanne for her trial.

On January 3, 1431, the Duke of Burgundy sold it to the bishop for 10,000 francs.

The Inquisition process over By Jeanne D’The Arc began on January 9 and lasted five months. On May 30, she was found guilty on all the main charges, excommunicated from the church and burned at the stake on the same day.

Alexey Stakhanov was born

January 3, 1906, in a small village in Alexey Stakhanov was born in the Orel province – a Soviet miner, an innovator of the coal industry and the founder of the Stakhanov movement. In August 1935, in just one shift, Stakhanov produced a record 102 tons of coal, in September of the same year he raised the record to 227 tons. The miner’s achievements were highly noted, and he gained followers.

Despite his controversial and scandalous biography, Stakhanov was one of the symbols of the Soviet era, enterprises, streets and settlements were named after him.

Archaeologists have found the sarcophagus of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun

In 1922, the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun was found in Egypt, but only two years later, namely on January 3, 1924, a British expedition led by archaeologist Howard Carter found the main treasure of this tomb – the stone sarcophagus of the pharaoh. A month later, when experts opened it, there was a golden coffin with the ruler’s mummy inside.

Alaska has received the status of the 49th US state

Back in 1867, Russia officially sold Alaska to the United States. For 17 years, the War Department was in charge of the peninsula, but in 1884 the US Congress decided to create governing bodies on the territory of Alaska.

A governor and a judge were appointed there, and $25,000 was allocated for school education.

Only on January 3, 1959, Alaska received the status of a US state, becoming the 49th and largest in territory.

Plane crash near Irkutsk

On January 3, 1994, an airliner Tu-154M of Baikal Airlines, making a domestic flight on the route Irkutsk—Moscow, as a result of technical problems fell on a dairy farm in the village of Mamony, 15 kilometers from Irkutsk airport. The crash killed all 124 people on board the plane (115 passengers and 9 crew members), as well as one person on the ground.



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