Named the new requirements during the exam

In the Ministry of education in conjunction with the CPS has developed and approved new requirements for the organizers of the exam during the active spread of coronavirus infection and mode of isolation. On Sunday, may 10, said Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko, reports RIA Novosti. According to him, students will be seated at a greater distance apart than usual, to reduce the risk of infection. The Deputy Minister also said that the requirements of the zigzag trajectory. In the field of exams all the students will measure the temperature and treat with antiseptic agents hands. Glushko noted that the exam is an important priority for those who want to enter higher educational institution. Those who want to go to College, are not required to take the exam. It also specifies that while the decision of transfer no. “We are waiting for may 12th, when it will become clear

The main song on May 9 was performed in different languages over a million people

Song of David Tukhmanov and Vladimir Kharitonov “Victory Day”, which became a symbol of May 9, sang in different languages over a million people from 60 countries. On Sunday, may 10, reported the press service of the party “United Russia. According to the Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party Alexander Khinshtein, more than 1.1 million people, including residents of many regions of Russia and other countries, participated in the Patriotic action “Our Victory”. In addition, more than 50 thousand people sent in recordings of their own performance captured on cameras and phones. It clarifies that the lyrics moved a little and rebuilt the project to sing it could in different languages — this was done by poet Nana Tsintsadze. It translated for the first time in the Georgian language played the song honored artist of Russia Diana Gurtskaya. “Victory day” also sang for the first time in

Have contracted the coronavirus kids noticed complications

In the state of new York had three dead children due to an inflammatory syndrome, which, presumably, is associated with the coronavirus. This was announced by state Governor Andrew Cuomo, reports RIA Novosti. Recently, the state government noticed in children systemic inflammatory response. As physicians consider, this complication may be due to infection with coronavirus. “There are 73 cases, which is now the Department of health studies,” — said Cuomo. Basically it is children aged from one year and elementary school students. They have identified a syndrome similar to the Kawasaki disease and toxic shock. At the same time, when the children were admitted to the hospital, they had no symptoms associated with a coronavirus. About the same syndrome in children previously reported by the new York city mayor bill de Blasio. According to him, the city recorded 15 cases, when the disease was caused by the systemic inflammatory response

The white house has not commented on the record victory of the USA and the UK over Nazism

The white house has not commented on her entry in the social networks that the victory over Nazism on may 8, 1945 was won by the USA and the UK. This writes TASS. Thus, the Agency sent a request to the White house to clarify the publication. However, the American side has not provided any statements. May 9, the White house released a congratulatory message in which it was said that on may 8, 1945, America and Britain “won the victory over the Nazis”, while the Soviet Union did not mention. The post sparked outrage among users of the network and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and the Federation Council. Former Minister of internal Affairs of Germany, member of the Free democratic party Gerhart Baum recalled that Soviet troops liberated Berlin and Germany from the Nazis at the cost of enormous human toll, and it was impossible to

Trump criticized George Bush

Former US President George Bush called for an end to party conflicts and to unite in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus. In response to this, the incumbent us leader Donald trump criticized the policy statements in his Twitter account, stressing that he did not help him during the impeachment. Making a video also posted on Twitter, Bush for the first time commented on the situation with coronavirus. In his speech, he urged Americans to unite and expressed hope that the physical separation will not cause emotional distancing. He also said that he believes in the spirit of service and sacrifice, which is manifested in society after the September 11 attacks. While Bush said, “as small differences in the face of common threat”, speaking about the cessation of inter-party struggle. Trump also said that the former leader missed the opportunity, not showing himself, when the incumbent President wanted to