Trump criticized George Bush

Former US President George Bush called for an end to party conflicts and to unite in the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus. In response to this, the incumbent us leader Donald trump criticized the policy statements in his Twitter account, stressing that he did not help him during the impeachment.

Making a video also posted on Twitter, Bush for the first time commented on the situation with coronavirus. In his speech, he urged Americans to unite and expressed hope that the physical separation will not cause emotional distancing. He also said that he believes in the spirit of service and sacrifice, which is manifested in society after the September 11 attacks.

While Bush said, “as small differences in the face of common threat”, speaking about the cessation of inter-party struggle. Trump also said that the former leader missed the opportunity, not showing himself, when the incumbent President wanted to dismiss.

Earlier it was reported that the 44th US President Barack Obama called the trump’s reaction to the epidemic of the coronavirus “chaotic catastrophe”. According to him, the acting President makes decisions based on personal gain, not the benefits for the people.