The fifth plane with the Russian military helping in the fight against coronavirus, returned from Italy

MOSCOW, may 10. Another plane with military personnel and special equipment of the consolidated group of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation arrived from Italy at the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region, said in a statement on Sunday the press service of the Russian military. “On the Chkalovsky airfield came fifth Il-76 aircraft of Russian air force with the military and special military equipment from the consolidation unit of the Ministry of defense of Russia, carrying out tasks to assist in the fight against coronavirus infection in the territory of the Italian Republic”, – stated in the message. According to the war Department, all arrived soldiers have completed the mandatory sanitary-epidemiological actions. On 10 may two aircraft to Russia from Italy to be delivered 14 soldiers and four units of special military equipment. From March 22 to may 7, specialists of radiation, chemical and biological protection of

Source: test of a new hypersonic missiles were on Board the Tu-22M3

MOSCOW, may 11. Trials of new hypersonic aircraft missiles conducted recently in Russia aboard a missile-carrying bomber Tu-22M3. The rocket is created for modernizirovanniy version of the Tu-22M3M, told TASS source in the military-industrial complex. “Recently conducted tests of new hypersonic products on the Tu-22M3. The rocket will be included into the weapons nomenclature modernizirovana Tu-22M3M along with several other new aircraft weapons,” – said the source The source noted that work on new weapons began several years ago, a missile test should be completed along with the work on an upgraded Tu-22M3M. He said that this product refers to the range of missile X-32, noting that it “completely different”. The source did not name the characteristics of the new missile. TASS has no official confirmation of the provided source of information. In a press-service of JSC “Tupolev” has refused comments. Earlier, the Russian military-industrial complex has developed two kinds

The number of people infected with coronavirus military armed forces fell to 1689

MOSCOW, may 11. The number of infected coronavirus infection members of the Armed forces declined per night for 34 people – from 1689 to 1723, says the Monday Bulletin, the Russian defense Ministry. “In the course of continuous testing in military control bodies, associations, formations, military units in the period March to 11 may 1689 established the military personnel with positive results [of tests]”, – the document says. As of may 10, the number of infected soldiers were 1723 people. Just since April, has recovered 411 soldiers, removed from the control of doctors after 14 days of observation after the second negative result test – 2432 people. “All military personnel with positive test results are constantly monitored by military medics. Of them in serious condition – 3 persons; in average condition – 13 people; the rest are without symptoms of the disease,” – said in the defense Ministry. According to

Vice-mayor of Novorossiysk Demchenko is leaving his post because of violation of the regime of self-isolation

KRASNODAR, may 11. Deputy head of Novorossiysk city administration Ekaterina Demchenko get fired for breaking the current in the Kuban regime of quarantine, reported on his page on the social network Instagram on Monday, the mayor Igor Dyachenko. “The news about inappropriate conduct of a municipal employee that has today released some news pages on the Internet, requires no comment. The decision principled, radical and unambiguous: Deputy Ekaterina Demchenko leaving his post. No room for error”, – stated in the message. His decision Dyachenko based on the fact that “municipal officials represent the overall power of the city. They should not allow behavior that undermines the authority of the government”. On Monday in social networks Kuban appeared the video, which, as the authors argue, captures the holiday village, located near Abrau Durso. The footage shows that people, including the Vice-mayor of Novorossiysk, rest, and fried kebabs, not fulfilling the requirements

Zakharov believes tweet US about their victory over Nazism is the attempt to divide the country

MOSCOW, may 11. Claim US victory over Nazism made with the intention to disavow the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the United States Donald trump made at the end of April on the occasion of the anniversary meeting on the Elbe Soviet and American troops. This opinion was expressed on Monday by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in an interview to the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia-1”. The Russian foreign Ministry considers the outrageous attempts of the USA to belittle the Soviet role in the victory over Nazism Zakharova said the White house statement about the victory of the US and Britain against Nazism Russia’s Ambassador to the US said that Russia will not let anyone forget the lessons of the Second world 3 Material Earlier, the White house has published in social networks a video laying by

Lavrov and the foreign Ministers of the CIS will discuss the fight against coronavirus

MOSCOW, may 12. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday via video link, will take part in session of Council of foreign Ministers of the CIS. The meeting of foreign Ministers of the CIS will be the fourth Ministerial meeting in the format of a videoconference in which participates the head of Russian diplomacy since the introduction of restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia have already held talks in this mode, with the foreign Ministers of Turkey and Iran on Syria, with colleagues in the BRICS, as well as in Normandy “format”. This year the CIS holds the presidency of Uzbekistan. As pointed out in the Russian depodesta in the eve of the meeting, the agenda includes 14 questions on a wide range of areas of cooperation within the Commonwealth. In particular, the Ministers will discuss issues of