Source: test of a new hypersonic missiles were on Board the Tu-22M3

MOSCOW, may 11. Trials of new hypersonic aircraft missiles conducted recently in Russia aboard a missile-carrying bomber Tu-22M3. The rocket is created for modernizirovanniy version of the Tu-22M3M, told TASS source in the military-industrial complex.

“Recently conducted tests of new hypersonic products on the Tu-22M3. The rocket will be included into the weapons nomenclature modernizirovana Tu-22M3M along with several other new aircraft weapons,” – said the source

The source noted that work on new weapons began several years ago, a missile test should be completed along with the work on an upgraded Tu-22M3M.

He said that this product refers to the range of missile X-32, noting that it “completely different”. The source did not name the characteristics of the new missile.

TASS has no official confirmation of the provided source of information. In a press-service of JSC “Tupolev” has refused comments.

Earlier, the Russian military-industrial complex has developed two kinds of aircraft hypersonic missiles. One of the missiles was called “the Dagger” and is used on the MiG-31K, it can accelerate to 10 times the speed of sound and created on the basis of rocket and ground-based complex “Exander”. Another hypersonic averagea created for the fifth generation fighter, the su-57 and shall be placed inside its fuselage. The name of the rocket and characteristics are unknown.

The prototype of the modernized bomber-missile Tu-22M3M made its first flight on 28 December 2018. According to the PJSC “Tupolev”, the missile has advanced combat capabilities. Ex-chief of Russian air force Viktor Bondarev, head of the Committee of Federation Council on defense and security, previously reported that Tu-22M3M can carry, in addition to cruise missiles X-32, and hypersonic missiles.