The woman was found in the new slow cooker diamond ring

The woman was found in the new slow cooker diamond ring

It’s a holiday story with a happy ending.

Shiloh Avery, of the U.S. state of Washington opened a new slow cooker that got her for Christmas, and found inside a gold ring with a diamond.

But it was not a gift in the gift as one might think. The ring looked as if it was worn for many years. It was welded from two separate rings — an engagement and wedding.

Walmart shopper finds Woman’s engagement ring in Instant Pot box
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Meanwhile, not far from the place where she lived Avery, a woman named Joanne Johnson was looking for his missing wedding ring. She lost it a few months ago — on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the wedding. On this day she went to the local hypermarket and electrical engineering considered a slow cooker.

Joanne went to a group of residents in the social network and saw the entry, Shiloh Avery about the discovery. “At this moment I like an electric shock,” shared Joanne.

Woman thanks ‘Christmas angel’ who found lost wedding ring in Instant Pot box

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In the end, the ring returned to owner. Joanne called Siloa their “Christmas angel.” Women are eager to share with journalists a story with a happy ending.

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