Topilin said, how much will increase the Russians retired in 2019

Topilin said, how much will increase the Russians retired in 2019

MOSCOW, 29 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin explained how much more the Russians retired in 2019, noting that the average increase will amount to one thousand rubles.

The Minister noted that the increase would depend on the experience and size of income, thousand rubles — this is the “average increase”.

“If there is such a person, whose pension is 14 thousand 414 roubles (we assumed this figure is the average insurance old-age pension), then it has exactly one thousand rubles will increase. If the pension is lower, say 10 thousand rubles, the increase in pensions will be 705 rubles, because the index increase in pensions, increase of pensions is of 7.05%. If the pension is about 20 thousand such pensions is also sufficient, the increase will be somewhere around 1,6−1,7 thousand roubles. That is, everyone will have different gain, and this is very important,” — said Topilin in the air “Russia-24”.

He stressed that the residents of regions with low incomes the increase will be less.

“We have a rule in law that no one can get a pension with different payment below the subsistence level in the region. All will in any case receive a minimum subsistence level of pensioners in a particular region… That is, this system is already configured, already, the pension Fund transferred all money and credit organizations and post offices, and these increase all benefits are paid from the first of January, everyone will receive a new pension,” the Minister concluded.