Media: in new Delhi will open the world’s smallest subway station

Media: in new Delhi will open the world’s smallest subway station

NEW DELHI, December 29. /TASS/. The new station “Ashram,” which opens in a few days, will be the smallest metro in the Indian capital and around the world.

As reported by the newspaper Hindustan Times, with average size rooms of metrostyle 265 meters, its length is only of 151.6 feet.

The station is an Ashram is located on nearly 10-km stretch of the pink metro line connecting the East and the South of the Indian capital. As in Moscow, the underground station new Delhi is now trying to build according to individual design and to allocate a separate topic. “Ashram” will be artwork on the theme of “mother and child”, — the newspaper writes. — Color station transmits to the theme of “abundance”.

Ashram metro station is the world’s smallest one

— Indiatimes (@indiatimes) 29 Dec 2018

To build an Ashram, it is the designers and builders had to solve a lot of problems. Chief among them was related to the fact that building land was private, and the right to build on it defended in court. The trial lasted two years.

A small square of construction eventually led to the small size of the underground hall of the station. It is situated on three levels: in addition to the ground lobby and a platform hall, there is also a “mezzanine” — in this middle space includes ticket and stand security.

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