The boy first tried the spicy cucumber and became a hero of social networks

The boy first tried the spicy cucumber and became a hero of social networks

Inexpressible emotions in just one bite.

A Twitter user under the name Nique has published in social networks funny video with my nephew. In the description of the girl said that the kid asked if he could give it a try spicy cucumber, and she gave up.

I gave my nephew a hot pickle since he was begging?? this was his reaction….?

— Nique.?✨ (@iamlaurans) 26 Dec 2018

I gave his nephew a sharp pickle, because he begged me. And here is his response.

Only here such a violent reaction boy on a savoury snack was not expected. A mouthful of cucumber, the child realized that he had made a huge mistake and almost fainted.

The reaction and emotions of the baby like the users of the social network, and videos in a matter of hours went viral. As later wrote Nique, with his nephew all right.

He needs a Oscar nomination!!!

— hun_man (@hun_doe) 27 December 2018.

He deserves a nomination on “Oscar”.


— berry but christmas (@sunsetbae) December 28, 2018

A real drama.

Lol! My husband does that to me sometimes. He’ll say, this isn’t spicy, taste it…and then there’s smoke coming out of my ears!?

— Judy (@ponc_j) December 28, 2018

My husband sometimes does the same thing to me. He says that it is not acute and gives to try, and eventually the smoke begins to emit from my ears.


— Shannon Green (@shannigreenn) December 28, 2018

I tried yesterday the same cucumber and also not able to cope with it.

Call 911.

— Sir Tunar (@sirtunar007) 27 December 2018.

Call 911.

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