Looks like a frog that listens with her mouth

Looks like a frog that listens with her mouth

It’s tiny and very rare.

Frogs Gardner, living in the Seychelles, are considered to be the smallest in the world. They do not grow larger than 11 millimeters.

Finding one of the world’s smallest frogs while tour leading in Seychelles for @temple_world – Gardiner’s frog Sooglossus gardineri pic.twitter.com/kFv6xJtIY7

— Justin Gerlach (@jstgerlach) 10 APR 2017

But this is not the only feature of this earthen frogs. Brown beauty has a very unusual hearing. Sooglossus gardineri have no middle ear. At least not like other frogs.

Using x-ray scanner French scientists have discovered that the inner ear these frogs, surrounded by a massive bony shell, which they capture sound in the usual way. But the tissue between the mouth cavity and inner ear of a frog Gardner is very thin, so the sound resonates in her mouth. The frog is well able to recognize these vibrations.

#WorldFrogDay: Some more of the worlds smallest #frogs, Sechellophryne gardineri and Sooglossus sechellensis of the #Sooglossidae family. The Sooglossidae are an ancient endemic island radiation from the #Seychelles, that have been isolated for >65MY. @SeyAmphibians pic.twitter.com/WWjk773OwL

— Simon Maddock (@Simon_Maddock) 20 Mar 2018

Gardner’s frogs are very rare creatures. They live on a 20-kilometre stretch between the Islands of Mahé and Silhouette in the Seychelles and included in the Red book.

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