Peskov said the lack of plans for the accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation

Peskov said the lack of plans for the accession of Belarus to the Russian Federation

Moscow. 29 Dec. INTERFAX.RU Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that there are no plans to include Belarus in Russia does not exist, and the stages of integration of the two countries are clearly described in the Union contract.

To the question, are there any plans of joining Belarus to Russia, Peskov said: “there is no need to be unfounded, we need to remember 1999, the document on the basis of which we — Russia and Belarus — and became a Union state”.

Peskov reminded that in this document “there are certain milestones — this fiscal Affairs, etc., these steps towards integration”.

NewsLukashenko called “nonsense” statements that Russia is feeding Belarus

“Of course, we are not talking about some kind of joining, etc. It is rather a movement towards each other, this is not a movement in the same direction”, — said the press Secretary of the Russian President.

On 14 December President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has expressed the opinion that under the pretext of “deep integration” Moscow wants to incorporate Belarus into Russia.

“I understand these hints: get oil, but let’s destroy the country and join Russia,” — said Lukashenko at a press conference for Russian journalists in Minsk.

According to Lukashenko, the idea of incorporation arrives from Moscow under the guise of “deep integration”. “We are told — maneuver (compensation for fiscal maneuver — if) will, when it will be, as some say, more profound integration. And some straight talk — we’re ready for you to six regions became part of the Russian Federation”, — said Lukashenko.