The hamster suddenly appeared in the family Christmas photo

The hamster suddenly appeared in the family Christmas photo

An old family picture was a secret.

American author Matthew Anderson posted on Twitter a family photo taken many years ago for Christmas.

I post this old Christmas photo because I just noticed my pocket square is my sister’s hamster.

— M. T. Anderson (@_MTAnderson) 25 Dec 2018

I am posting this old Christmas photo, because just noticed that my pocket handkerchief – it’s the hamster of my sister.

At first glance, nothing remarkable about the picture: all the family members look decent and elegant. And this photo would be the most common, if not one “but”. As explained by Anderson, in this picture there is the family pet — a hamster named Alianna. If you look closely, you will notice the pet peeking out of your jacket pocket the young Matthew.

Sweet gherkin (@funnelcakesrule) 25 Dec 2018

Users have delighted with this unexpected turn and the post went viral. In the comments many noted that the child, too, was wearing his pet hamster in your pocket.

Things like this are the only point of twitter.

— Matt Prior (@matty_prior) 25 Dec 2018

Here in these posts and there is Twitter.

This is so good.

No pithy comment, but I did carry my hamster on the train from Endinburgh to Stratford 20 years ago… they are very well behaved in pockets ?

— Anna *is* R. Etherington, PhD ☂ this?? (@AnnaWhateley) 25 Dec 2018

This is so cool! I will not write the details, but I was carrying my hamster in the train from Edinburgh to Stratford 20 years ago. They performed very well in the pockets.

Her eyes say your sister didn’t trust you with her hamster.

— SharkHand (@SharkHand) 25 Dec 2018

Look your sister says that she doesn’t trust you about the hamster.

I just realized that I need to follow more people with hamster pocket squares on Twitter.

— HappyHiker? (@free2hike) 25 Dec 2018

I just realized that I need to sign up for more people with square handkerchiefs of hamsters.

Your sister seems unfazed by this turn of events. The hamster too, tbh.

— Ryan Bennett (@rjbennett) 25 Dec 2018

Your sister seems to be indifferent to this turn of events. Hamster too, by the way.

Deep in the archives

— morJ (@MorganTaffarada) 25 Dec 2018

Photos from the depths of the archive.


— JerryAscione (@JerryAscione) 25 Dec 2018

It’s called fashion!

You win today’s episode of the internet.

— Joe Platzner (@thatsrando) 25 Dec 2018

Today you are the absolute star of the Internet.

Let’s make hamster pocket squares the new accessory for 2019

— Tequila Mockingbird (@scalicel) 26 Dec 2018

Let’s do pocket hamster new accessory of 2019.

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