Is it possible to determine, with the bones of tangerines or without?

Is it possible to determine, with the bones of tangerines or without?

What new year without tangerines? Bright orange or reddish, round or flattened, large or quite small — in the markets and the stores has the citrus fruits for every taste. Many prefer tangerines are seedless, but with such a purchase are not always lucky.

To determine whether there are bones in the Mandarin or not, for the mind will fail says Aephi the Director of one of the Moscow markets Eugene Morgachev. However, to learn about bones is still possible:

There are certain varieties of oranges that have no seeds. But a common buyer will be difficult to determine which class includes Mandarin, with seeds or not. The country of origin of citrus is a Moroccan mandarins, like others, can be with seeds or without. Moreover, there are cases when the sellers give the Chinese mandarins over tangerines another country.

According to experts, the most effective way to know whether Mandarin bone — ask the seller. “And the market better tangerines taste — any seller will provide such an opportunity. Do not be shy to ask for it,” advises the Director of the market.

Which varieties of oranges do not contain seeds?

Among the most popular varieties of mandarins, which are represented in the Russian markets, the seed is not in the “Satsuma”, “Satsumas” and “Nagarkot”, noted on the website “Rockafella”.

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Satsumas are real, not a hybrid of tangerines. They have an acidic or sour-sweet taste, coarse pulp and slices of different sizes. You can distinguish them on loose bumpy skin and small size and weight (up to 30g).

Satsumas — Abkhazian tangerines, which have a juicy, fleshy pulp with a slightly sour taste. They have spherical, flattened at the base, fruit with a rough skin, a mass of 70-100 g.

Nagarkot — hybrid variety from Morocco. Tangerines are usually pitted, but can be with them if the plants will perepilet. The taste of this variety is not very sweet, has easily detachable rind and reddish flesh.