Merkel and the Makron has demanded from Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

Merkel and the Makron has demanded from Russia to release Ukrainian sailors

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel macron has demanded from Russia to release Ukrainian sailors arrested in the aftermath of the conflict in the Kerch Strait. This is stated in their joint statement published on the website of the German government.


“We are very concerned about the situation of human rights in Crimea, annexed by Russia, the use of military force by Russia in the Kerch Strait, as well as abuse of control in the sea of Azov. We demand safe, free and unimpeded passage for all vessels in the Kerch Strait and the immediate and unconditional release of all illegally detained Ukrainian sailors,” — he stressed.

NewsUkraine has announced a new campaign of its warships through the Strait of Kerch

According to Merkel and Macron, the upcoming new year and Christmas “should be the reason for the parties [Russia and Ukraine] have focused on the needs of the civilian population”. Ukrainian sailors “must have the opportunity to spend the upcoming celebrations in the circle of their families,” they said.

The conflict in the Kerch Strait took place in November: the Russian border guards detained three Ukrainian ship. Members of their crew of 24 Ukrainian sailors were arrested. According to the FSB, the ships crossed the border illegally. Ukraine claims that it was notified of the passage of ships.

December 25, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a resolution on expanding sanctions against Ukraine. As explained by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, it is made in response to the actions of Kiev after the conflict in the Kerch Strait. Ukraine also agreed to impose sanctions that will affect, in particular, military personnel, judges and law enforcement officers involved in the detention and arrest of the sailors.

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