Surfer tripped over the shark and fell

Surfer tripped over the shark and fell

In the Dominican Republic, the kitesurfer collided with a shark at high speed and fell. The video of the incident drew the attention of the West Australian newspaper.

Professional athlete Alex Soto (Alex Soto) was prepared for the pan American games of 2019 at the coast city of Cabarete. He noticed the shark in his peripheral vision, but slid on the Board through the water too fast to avoid a collision. His surf with fin (foilboard) hit the fish and fell into the water, and the Soto has continued to hold on to your kite so as not to miss it.

My little tragic crash , We are invading their habitat, do not be surprised if you see any.

Published by Alex Soto Ciriaco Thursday, 20 December 2018,During the download an error has occurred.News ofthe video hit, both in Portugal surfer covers a twenty meter wave

The incident was caught on his GoPro camera. When the man got to shore, he told about the incident to other kitesurfers. They did not believe his words, until he saw the video. “In all my 14 years of practice I have never seen a shark near Cabarete, so was very surprised,” admitted Soto.

The shark survived the collision, but the outfit of the athlete is very seriously affected. According to Soto, the fin bottom planks were completely destroyed.

Kitesurfing is a sport in which a person standing on the Board in the water, holding a kite (big kite) and manages them. Due to thrust from him and is moving. There is also a winter version of kitesurfing, in which the athlete moves on the snowboard on the snow.