4105 push-UPS and 3,500 rubles: the main figures of the year

4105 push-UPS and 3,500 rubles: the main figures of the year

Edition Mail.ru News selected 15 of the main figures of 2018.

— 98°

The lowest temperature on Earth was recorded in Antarctica in June of this year. One of the researchers said that in this cold “every breath brings pain and need to be extremely careful not to freeze your throat and lungs when you breath.”

8 minutes

Is the shortest international flight in the world, which appeared in may of this year. The flights are carried out between the island of Aruba (overseas territory of the Netherlands) and the city Fijo Punto (Venezuela), twice a week.

18 hours and 45 minutes

And this time the longest commercial flight, which also appeared this year. The flight is between Singapore and new York.


With this result at the presidential elections on 18 March won by Vladimir Putin.

952 billion rubles

So, based on the report of the organizing Committee, made up of the total impact of the 2018 world Cup on Russia’s GDP.


This part of the Russian girls, the results of the poll, are willing to fraternize with foreigners. In this case, every fourth of the interviewed women believes that the main advantages of guests from other countries in their appearance and openness.