In the Crimea, erected a fence on the border with Ukraine

In the Crimea, erected a fence on the border with Ukraine

SIMFEROPOL, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. Completed the construction boom and configuring the complex system of alarm sensors on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the North of the Crimea, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Crimean border guard Department of FSB of the Russian Federation.

“Ended the planned construction of a boundary engineering-technical constructions and configure the complex system of alarm sensors in the area of the Perekop isthmus (border with Ukraine — ed.)”, — said the Agency.

Planning and design documentation began in 2015. At present, the construction and debugging of the equipment is fully completed. The complex of intruder alarm is put into operation.

“Frontier engineering structures consists of several types of boom length of over 60 kilometers and it is hosting several hundred sensors of various types is as hidden and open way, and also equipped with systems of video surveillance, including thermal imaging equipment to ensure more effective control over the area in the dark and in poor visibility conditions”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

In particular, the border has two signalling complex. The basis of the first amount of vibration sensors (at the approach of the offender to the fence transmit information in the form of alarm), the basis for the second — revoluciya sensors (including video cameras with night vision capability and send live video).

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“A similar system of protection of the state border have been successfully used in Northern and far Eastern borders of our country, as well as in areas with the most acute situation, due to the high risk of committing offences on the state border,” — said the border guard.

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