The inhabitants of Novokuybyshevsk complained in social networks on a scary Santa Claus

The inhabitants of Novokuybyshevsk complained in social networks on a scary Santa Claus

The disproportionate figure without a beard set on the main square.

This year, many cities of Russia can “boast” a strange Christmas trees, but the title of the worst father Frost and snow Maiden is safely possible to give figures from Novokuybyshevsk in the Samara region.

The inhabitants of Novokuybyshevsk are outraged by these “figures”. Children are afraid to approach them. Really looks like Santa Claus and snow maiden?! @SamMobilePriem

Irina (@Irina_Veshaeva) 25 Dec 2018

Twitter user Irina Isaeva published a creepy photo Christmas characters set in the town square.

Two completely disproportionate figure with huge shoulders and tiny heads, according to the girl, very, very frightening for both children and adults.

Of special note are the faces of the sculptures — Santa Claus turned out to be a smoothly shaven young man with blue eyebrows and puffy red nose. Snow maiden lucky a little more, however, and it is very difficult to call beautiful.

Apparently, local authors do not have long to ponder over the images and just put a frame made of tinsel mannequins from the store, giving them a festive look with paint.

Locals such creativity is not appreciated and noted in the comments, what are these new year’s figures is very scary, and the children flatly refuse to approach them.

For adults, it is time to be scared.

— Alois (@p17a1zwlljnLvNo) 25 Dec 2018

Apparently given the task of the Ministry of construction to build the body , and the Ministry of culture to sculpt the head . At the planning meeting was gathered , and that’s what happened

— Julia S. (@nebezraznitsa) 26 Dec 2018

Voodoo doll

— 2MIRZA (@MIRZA60315296) 27 December 2018.

What a nightmare. Fantasy is not enough???

— Natalia N. (@FuK6gtekrDvnuPn) 26 Dec 2018

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