The mysterious collapse of a hill in the Khabarovsk territory. Meteorite? Rocket? The landslide?

The mysterious collapse of a hill in the Khabarovsk territory. Meteorite? Rocket? The landslide?

In the Khabarovsk region collapsed part of the hill, blocking the channel of the river Bureya, which is Bureyskaya HPP is the largest power plant in the far East. Local residents, scientists and officials for the second day arguing about what happened there. There are three major versions.

The videos from the scene of the incident visible destroyed snow-covered hills, frozen river, covered with soil and stones, and dozens of fallen trees.

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Residents of nearby Poselka chekunda are afraid that resulting from the collapse of the dam in the spring may cause flooding of the village.

The company “RusHydro” reported that she owned the Bureya hydroelectric power station works in a regular mode after the collapse of the hill. “The water in the reservoir is enough to provide the required amount of electricity,” — said in the message. But then you will have to solve the issue of clearing the channel of the river, recognize the company.

Some witnesses believe that in a remote forest area has fallen meteorite, however, most scientists do not support it. There are those who does believe that the top of the hill might carry the fallen rocket.

Consider all three main versions of the mysterious incident.

Version # 1

The first of the fall of the meteorite was announced by the head of the Verkhnebureinsky district of Khabarovsk Krai Alexey Maslov:

Apparently, the meteorite was huge, if he could fill the river bed by 40 meters.”Khabarovsk Krai today,”regional Agency

A day later, when the majority of scientists spoke out against the version of the meteorite, Maslov said that still insists on its guess.

NewsAs sawed Chelyabinsk meteorite. The convict says geologist

“The meteorologists say that may not be that it was a meteorite. Other something else to invent. But judge for yourself: the fall of a meteorite at least one us meteorologists predicted?” he said “Kommersant” on Tuesday.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Voronov also did not rule out such a possibility, noting that the fall of the meteorite for the Far East is not an uncommon event.