Where there is fish, like a Ghost from the cartoon (video)

Where there is fish, like a Ghost from the cartoon (video)

She has a long nose and a poisonous spike on the back.

Small fish Harriotta haeckeli from the family of long-nosed chimeras rarely gets on camera, lives at great depths around 2600 meters.

In 2013 alone, the scientists were able to take it deep-sea camera at the North-Eastern coast of the United States. A mysterious creature not more than 72 cm in length was observed near Spain, New Zealand and Greenland.

Never Forget a Deep-Sea Fish Exists That Looks Just Like Tim Burton Dreamed It Up – the smallspine spookfish (Harriotta haeckeli). https://t.co/HoAn2nsCGr

— Kim Landsbergen (@treebiology) 22 Dec 2018

When the video spread in social networks, the fish began to compare with the character of the cartoon “the Nightmare before Christmas” Director Henry Selika and producer and co-writer Tim Burton. There appears a Ghost dog zero, who accompanies the main character.

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The zero is the same long nose, big eyes, and the ears resemble fins Harriotta haeckeli. It is known that the long nose helps the fish to hunt down prey. It contains nerve endings. On the back of a fish-Chimera is a poisonous thorn, with which it defends itself from predators.

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The Smallspine Spookfish, (Harriotta haeckeli). Practically nothing is known about the species’ biology, ecology, or reproductive behaviours pic.twitter.com/9M0s74gWuc

— Mike ??? (@MikeTaylor2011) March 31, 2017.

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