Russia has tightened the rules for storing weapons

Russia has tightened the rules for storing weapons

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/ — Now powder and primers for separate loading of cartridges must be stored in safes.

The Russian government has decided to tighten the rules for storage of firearms and ammunition and ordered its owners to keep in safes is not only the weapon itself and its ammunition, but also gunpowder and primers for self-filling cartridges.

This is stated in the text of the government decree posted on the official portal of legal information.

The document notes that “the lockers lock safes or metal cabinets, and in boxes of high-strength materials, or in wooden boxes, covered with iron” should be kept not only “arms and ammunition”, but “initiating and flammable substances and materials (powder, capsule) for self-loading of ammunition for civilian firearms, long-barreled weapons”.

The bodies of internal Affairs at the place of residence of the owners have the right to inspect the storage conditions was their weapons.

Gunpowder and primers for self-filling cartridges usually keep hunters and shotgun owners engaged in sport shooting.