Elon Musk has given employees 7 tips on how to be more productive

Elon Musk has given employees 7 tips on how to be more productive

Almost a secret insider information.

Recently, Elon Musk email announced the staff of the Tesla that he wants to approve the schedule shifts 24/7 to start production of electric car Tesla Model 3, according to Business Insider.

He asks a lot, so at the end of his letter he suggested that employees list their own recommendations for improving performance. Of these councils, it is clear that Musk is clearly not a fan of meetings, bureaucracy, hierarchy or any system that prevents the immediate communication.

Thanks to Business Insider, now you can use these tips, written by the hand of Elon musk.

1. Widescreen spend time meeting peopleEndless meetings is a disaster of major companies, and over time she is getting worse. Please dispose of all large meetings, if you are not sure that they are of value completely for the entire audience, and in this case, make them very short.2. Meetings should occur rarely, if the matter is not urgentAlso get rid of frequent meetings, unless you are dealing with an extremely urgent matter. The frequency of meetings needs to rapidly decrease immediately after the solution of very urgent problems.3. If you do not need to be at the meeting, gooutside with the meeting or stop the conversation as soon as it will become clear that you do not add any value. To leave is not rude, rude to force someone to stay and waste your time.4. Avoid complicated jargondon’t use acronyms or meaningless words for objects, software or processes in Tesla. In General, anything that requires explanation, hinders the communication. We don’t want people to only remember the Glossary in order to work in the Tesla.5. Do not allow hierarchical structures to kill the effectiveness of thingsthe Communication needs to pass through the shortest path necessary to perform the work, and not “chain of command”. Any Manager that tries to impose a chain of command communications, will soon discover what works elsewhere.6. If you need to contact someone, do it directlythe Main source of problems is poor communication between departments. A way to solve this problem is to ensure the free flow of information between all levels. If in order for something to be done between departments, the member should talk to his Manager who is talking with the Director who talks to the Vice-President who is talking with another Vice-President who is talking with the Director who talks to the Manager who is talking to someone that performs the actual work happens then the most stupid things. It should be normal for people to communicate directly.7. Don’t waste time on stupid rulesIn General, always use common sense. If following the “rule of the company” is clearly ridiculous in a particular situation, then that rule should change.