Mystery solved: scientists found out why you want to smoke after drinking

Mystery solved: scientists found out why you want to smoke after drinking

Know the feeling, right?

Often it happens that after two or three glasses of beer all of a sudden you begin to feel the need for cigarette. Even if you don’t smoke or do it rarely.

This destructive pattern has already analyzed by scientists, and we can’t not share with you the results of their observations.

According to neuroscientist and expert on addictions John Dani from the University of Pennsylvania, the urge to smoke after alcohol is caused by two factors. First, the emerging memories of past Smoking experience make us re wanting nicotine, and, secondly, the combination of cigarettes, alcohol reduces the level of the hormone dopamine (which cause happiness). Strange as it may sound, but the combination of these factors make cigarettes just a welcome addition to the drunk.

In fact, the use of alcohol and cigarettes is a kind of cycle. Which starts as soon as you drain the first beer. At this point, the alcohol reminds you of pleasant memories about Smoking. Then cigarettes reduce the level of dopamine, and after this, again there is a desire to drink to restore the level of dopamine, and the cycle begins anew.

Dr. Dani also shared his observations about those people who smoke only after drinking:

“Such people are called chiperoni. Those who smoke not very often, but can afford it in certain circumstances. I would advise not to do it. Because very often, this turns into a bad habit that will be difficult to refuse.