“Izvestia”: the government has decided to withdraw from free trade in some anabolics

“Izvestia”: the government has decided to withdraw from free trade in some anabolics

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree, according to which several anabolic steroids is included in the list of potent substances. This was announced on Monday, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the press service of the government.

The list includes, in particular, enestebol, epitiostanol, proplanta, mebolazine and maxibolin. They are all modifications of drugs already included in the list. These steroids are not banned but withdrawn from free circulation, explained “news” in a press-service.

The Prime Minister also signed the document, according to which the list of prohibited for distribution substances was supplemented with names of new synthetic drugs, the newspaper notes.

The Russian interior Ministry in July released a draft resolution on making the listed drugs to the list of potent substances, as defined by article 234 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal circulation of strong or poisonous substances for the purpose of sale”).

As specified by the developers of the project, the trafficking of anabolic steroids was previously limited in Australia, the UK and Canada, and two substances included in the list of prohibited substances from the 2018 world anti-doping Agency.

In the EU countries was recorded at least eight cases of poisoning from the substance 2,4-dinitrophenol (2,4-DNP) with a fatal outcome. It is used as a drug for quick weight loss, although not intended for reception by man and used in industry as an antiseptic for impregnation of wood or fabrics.