Putin stated that relations between Russia and the United States is a victim of Ukrainian provocations

Putin stated that relations between Russia and the United States is a victim of Ukrainian provocations

Moscow. 21 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Relations of Russia and the USA at the moment become hostage to the provocation organized by the Ukrainian authorities in Kerch, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“Indeed, our bilateral Russian-American relations are now in the situation of the victim of the provocations that gave the Ukrainian side near Kerch,” — said Peskov in interview to the program of the First channel “the Big game”.

He noted that the endangered status of the Russian-Ukrainian relations worsened in connection with the appearance of the element of the campaign.

“President Poroshenko any ways to earn yourself the ranking, which is poor in comparison with those who is ahead of his line, that he actually does, and we all can see with the naked eye,” said Sands.

He stressed that Poroshenko fails to initiate pressure on Russia, which is able to force Moscow to abandon its “red lines”. “The answer is unequivocal — no. And President Putin talked about this many times,” — said Peskov.

In this regard, added the spokesman, Putin “is consistent in its evaluation of the provocations that occurred at the entrance to the Azov sea”

The complex of bilateral Russian-American relations are not so stable as the national interests of the Russian Federation, said the press Secretary of the President.

It is much more fragile under the influence of these provocations. Moreover, unfortunately, Washington has to babysit Poroshenko, despite his fairly weak electoral position.

He added: “Too much money invested in Ukraine, too much money invested in the revolution in the Ukraine, too much money invested in it to justify the coup. This must be recouped somehow, to bring some dividends.”

But this, Peskov said, “not very good”. “Therefore the situation needs to “save” struggling”, he said.

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