A court in Greece has decided to extradite the accused in the theft of $4 billion Russian France

A court in Greece has decided to extradite the accused in the theft of $4 billion Russian France

The Supreme court of Greece rejected the appeal of lawyers on the trial court’s decision on extradition of Russian citizen Alexander winnick, France, where he is accused of identity theft and extortion, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The final decision on the results winnik will the Minister of justice of Greece, said lawyer Timothy Musatov. He said that the defense will insist on the postponement of extradition in connection with the condition winnik — Russian already the 24th day on hunger strike. According to the lawyer, Greece would be “nicer” to give winnik in France, not in Russia or in the US, which is seeking his extradition.

“I have long made it clear that I am a political prisoner. Justice for me is not working. I hostages are in the Greek system, and use me as a bargaining chip to resolve their political Affairs. My life is not taken into account,” said Sam Vinnik.

Earlier, the Greek court issued four decisions on extradition winnick — at the request of the United States, two decisions at the request of Russia and one at the request of France. In Russia winnick is accused of major fraud in the sphere of computer information. Vinnik in the spring of this year, through his representative, appealed to the Prosecutor General statements about the confession. He admitted to hacking, and money laundering in especially large size.

Now Russian is in the Athenian prison. In July 2017 he was arrested at the request of the US Department of justice in connection with charges of laundering $4 billion on bitcoins. In the United States winnick faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $500 000.

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