WP has published part of a report on “Russian intervention”, which ordered the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate

WP has published part of a report on “Russian intervention”, which ordered the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate

The University of Oxford and analysts Graphika found evidence of alleged Russian interference in the American elections in 2016. Part of the report, which ordered the select Committee on intelligence, U.S. Senate, December 16 was published by the Washington Post.


Analysts analyzed dozens of accounts on Twitter, Facebook and instagram that link with the “Agency of Internet research” (or “trolls”). The authors of the report noted that the activity on all these sites has increased during the election campaign of 2016.

Media: “#Russia’s disinformation campaign … used every major social media platform … to help elect @realDonaldTrump— and worked even harder to support him while in office.” @craigtimberg @TonyRomm https://t.co/beTEQiLAQ3 @washingtonpost obtained a copy of the report. pic.twitter.com/TcHcI2iNhe

— Porter Anderson (@Porter_Anderson) August 17, 2018

The report States that the main group effects — the conservatives and African Americans. The main questions that concern the “Russian trolls” — gun rights, and immigration.

“Obviously, he has clearly sought to benefit the Republican party and, in particular, to Donald Trump,” wrote in a report. For example, the is group’s Black Matters US on Google read: “Cops kill black kids. Are you sure your son won’t be next?”

The report States that in the advertising from these accounts were paid in rubles, and user pages were linked to the Russian numbers. Page admins “logged in” ip addresses that are in St. Petersburg. There supposedly was a “Troll factory”.

More than 99% percent of the information (likes, reposts, promotions and events) came up with 20 pages of Facebook, including “Be a patriot” (Being Patriotic), “Heart of Texas” (Heart of Texas), “Black activists” (Blacktivist) and “Army of Jesus” (Army of Jesus).

Total time for the company, according to analysts, these 20 pages put about 39 million likes and has written more than three million reviews. Researchers estimate, it could affect 126 million users on Facebook and 20 million on instagram.

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Officially, the report should publish this week. Representatives intelligence Committee, as well as companies Facebook and Twitter have not yet commented on the report. Independent investigation into the case of Russian interference in American elections are held, the U.S. justice Department, spectaculorum appointed Robert Mueller.

In October 2017, a former employee of the “Troll factory” told RBC that about 90 people in 2015 worked in the “U.S. Department of the factory”. They wrote thousands of posts in a week, has organized “offline” activities, in particular meetings and free courses on self-defense for the black population of the United States.