“To fight with Ukraine, we will not, I promise you”

“To fight with Ukraine, we will not, I promise you”

The main interview of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.


Russia will not fight with Ukraine, and the people of this country to Russia is more important than its power. About it in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on 17 December said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to Russian-Ukrainian relations, but the conversation also touched upon relations with the U.S., Armenia and other countries. Also the Russian diplomat admitted if it were possible, he would like to communicate with Russian foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov (1856-1882) to ask him “about the exposure, which allowed him to return to the Crimea”. “B” made a compilation of the statements of the Minister.

About Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian regime

“We are not at war with the Ukrainian regime. With the Ukrainian regime, which has all the features of Nazi and neo-Nazi, fighting Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine who live in the Donbas.

We have relationships with the Ukrainian government.

The Ukrainian state is much more and much more important to us than the regime that came to power thanks to the treachery of the West all norms of international law and international conduct.

The Ukrainian people have nothing to do with it, and the vast majority of the Ukrainian people, I am sure, wants peace in his country, wishes to get rid of this shameful regime and wish to return to normal relations with the Russian Federation. Of course, it will have to resolve the internal problems of Ukraine. They are much wider and much deeper than just DND and LNR”.

On the recognition of DND and LNR and the war with Ukraine

— You propose to recognize the DNI and LC? asked the Minister of the journalist Daria Aslamova.

“Of course,” she replied.

— And then?

— And then we are protecting our territory, which we recognized.

And you want the rest of Ukraine to lose? — explained the Minister.— Leave it to the Nazis?

— No, I believe that with the Nazi regime in General need to fight. They imposed upon us a military position. They attack our ships.

— To fight with Ukraine, we will not, I promise you, — said the Minister, adding that “can not imagine” a Declaration of war and that it would be a manifestation “of a nervous breakdown and weakness.”

On the work of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine

“The OSCE mission is under very severe pressure, primarily Ukrainians, especially Westerners, but this mission is not slipping away from our influence. Slowly she makes steps in the right direction, however, under very serious pressure and not immediately.

Example: we have been requested that the mission not mentioned in their reports that “this week was so much shelling, so much destroyed civilian objects, such victims among the civilian population”, and that she elaborated on, in what direction, what sacrifices and what destruction.

With great difficulty managed to knock the first OSCE report on the subject, which indicated that the vast majority of the destruction in the civilian sector — Eastern side of the wearers.

Where they live and are protected by militia. This report was fiercely trying to stop the Ukraine, not to make it public. This has not happened.”