In Canada, the cat accidentally mailed from Halifax to Montreal

In Canada, the cat accidentally mailed from Halifax to Montreal

OTTAWA, December 17. /TASS/. Employees of Canada post found a cat in one of the parcels sent from Halifax (Nova Scotia) to Montreal (province of Quebec). On Sunday told television station CP24.


Heard meowing in one of the boxes, it was opened and extracted the animal. Immediately after that, they called the Montreal service pet and gave the coordinates of the sender of the parcel. According to representatives of service Anita Kapusinski, the owners of the 17-year-old cat named Balu literally knocked down in search of a missing pet.

It turned out that he got into that box with wheels, which were prepared to be sent by mail to Montreal. Kapusinski said that a journey of 1200 km did not affect the condition of the cat. He feels great and “incredibly gentle” with those who found him.

‘Why did you mail my cat?’: Tabby reunited with N. S. family after accidentally being shipped to Montreal in a box containing tire rim

— CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) 16 Dec 2018

The ball was sent to the owners a special service for the carriage of Pets in the near future he will come home. In Montreal service care pet after this incident, recommended that owners of Pets to double check the parcel before you send them in the mail.