Basque and Brezhnev got into the Marvel universe

Basque and Brezhnev got into the Marvel universe

Met with the Black Widow.


Nikolay Baskov and Vera Brezhnev appeared on the pages of the comic “the Black Widow: cold shoulder”, dedicated to the heroine of “the Avengers”.

It happened back in 2012, but the readers attention this fact has attracted until now. Comic fans shared photos in social networks, causing a storm of comments.

“Nikolay Baskov exists in the universe marvel. Now you know it. And you nothing new,” wrote one of the wearer.

On the page of the comic Basque pictured with a drink in hand, arm in arm with the blonde. It also has its own page in the encyclopedia of Marvel characters.

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Vera Brezhnev appears next to Black Widow when she arrives in Sochi. Girls talk. The black Widow claims to be a producer and praises the performances of the singers.

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