Scientists: we live in the era of chicken

Scientists: we live in the era of chicken

In the future our time will be judged on the extent of consumption of different products.


In the world annually consumes 65 billion chickens. When archaeologists of the future or hypothetical aliens will study our time to understand how people lived the beginning of the 3rd Millennium, they will find a huge amount of chicken bones.

These scientists will have every reason to proclaim our time, the era of chicken, writes a group of researchers in an essay published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Always keep a number of chickens on the planet is about 23 billion. That’s four times more than the number of sparrows. But, says Caris Bennett, honorary fellow of the University of Leicester and one of the authors of the essays are mind-boggling not only these figures but also the changes in these animals.

We have changed the natural biology of the chicken.Caris Benefitsmedical

The chicken was domesticated about 8 thousand years ago and gradually became larger than its ancestors from the jungle. But then, from the 1950-ies, increased broiler production, and methods of agriculture have changed and the bird has changed even more.

Modern chicken broiler, have time to live more than five to nine weeks prior to slaughter, five times more than its ancestor. She there is a genetic mutation which makes the chicken voraciously devouring the food, so she is gaining weight well.

Modern chickens are subject to numerous bone diseases because they are forced to grow quickly for a specific feed.

The broiler also is completely dependent on the industrial system of meat production and can live only with the support of human technology. Eggs artificially innumerous, and the Chicks grow in climate-controlled rooms.