Russia condemned the serial hunters pizza

Russia condemned the serial hunters pizza

Chelyabinsk court has pronounced a sentence to two inhabitants of the Mound for the serial attacks on pizza delivery, where they were stealing sales and products. On Wednesday, December 12, RIA Novosti reported.


According to police, the three robbers ordered the pizza and sushi delivered to your house in the Soviet district of Chelyabinsk, and then waited for the couriers on the street and robbed. It clarifies that one of the victims they attacked with pepper spray.

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For serial thefts law enforcement officers detained two young men aged 24 and 22 years old. Criminals fully admitted his guilt and compensated the total amount of 11 thousand rubles. They were sentenced under part 2 of article 161 of the criminal code (“Robbery”) and sentenced to three years in colony of General and strict regime.

In February it was reported that in St. Petersburg has sentenced two men who attacked with a knife at the courier and take away his bag with pizza. Soon the robbers were detained by the police. They are appointed punishment in the form of two and three years of imprisonment conditionally.