Macron announced economic measures would require €8-10 billion of expenditure

Macron announced economic measures would require €8-10 billion of expenditure

PARIS, 11 Dec. /TASS/. Declared by the President of France Emmanuel Makron economic measures will require costs in the amount of €8-10 billion. this was announced by the Secretary of state Olivier Dussault, responsible for budget policy of the country.


“It will take from €8 to €10 billion,” said Dussault, commenting at the journalists ‘ request, the package of measures presented on Monday, the French leader. “We are in the process of fine-tuning economic mechanisms and watch as their financing,” he said.

The French President on Monday night addressed the nation with a message announcing the decisions which it had taken in the background of the crisis associated with performances of “yellow jackets.” Macron, in particular, has promised to increase the minimum monthly wage by €100 in 2019, additional tax-free premium working French at the end of this year, the abolition of the tax for pensioners whose pension is below €2 thousand is Also the French leader condemned the violence against the police during the protests.

The measures announced by Macron, were a response to the demands of the movement of the “yellow jackets”, spending from mid-November to protest. Demonstrations are often accompanied by clashes with police and riots. Despite recent concessions on tax and increase the minimum wage, “yellow jackets” are going to continue their actions.

According to the latest data of law enforcement bodies, the total number of those detained during the protest movement of the “yellow jackets” from mid-November exceeded 4.5 thousand people.