Macron announced in France a state of emergency

Macron announced in France a state of emergency

MOSCOW, 10 Dec — RIA Novosti. The President of France Emmanuel macron announced the introduction of emergency economic and social situation in the country.


The head of state took such a decision amid protests “yellow jackets.”

The French President condemned the violence shown during the demonstrations. According to Macron, these crimes have no excuses.

He stressed that “we have all seen the game of opportunists who tried to take advantage of the genuine anger… we have seen politicians, whose projects are to undermine the Republic and to arrange anarchy”.

Macron said that many French can separate the anger and resentment, but in fact it was not founded for tax reasons and global reasons.

The French President said he believes the anger is “fair”, but no anger does not justify attacks on police officers and gendarmes, destruction of shops and buildings.

“Our freedom only exists because everyone can Express their opinion, which may not be shared by all, and no one will be afraid of this disagreement,” he said.

The proposed head of the state measures on overcoming of crisis on Tuesday will present to MPs the Prime Minister.

The protests of “yellow jackets”

From mid-November in France held large-scale protests of the “yellow jackets.” The protesters initially opposed the increase in the price of gasoline, and then began to Express dissatisfaction with the social situation in the country.

Mass protests accompanied by clashes of protesters with police, pogroms and arsons of cars, destruction of banks and shops.

As reported by channel BFMTV, from the beginning of the protests, police detained more than 4,500 people.